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  1. It's been a while since I've been active with my tying and a long while since I've been on the site. The site's been growing but still some familiar names out there. Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do. -Pat
  2. Bamboo

    I'm a Dead Man

    Maybe you should by her a nice travel light or something to make up for it! -Bamboo
  3. 2 sets of flies in the same day! Thanks Don for a great swap and everyone for the great ties. -Bamboo
  4. Flies arrived today. Great ties everyone and thanks Nomad for running the swap. Michael- I use the Chernobyl Ant allover - Millers, Deerfield, Westfield. Really anytime a terrestrial will work, so will this. Don't know why foam flies are so slow to catch on in the east but they don't get used nearly as much as they could. -Bamboo
  5. Wow! :headbang: A swap that ended early. I guess there's a first time for everything. :clapping: Thanks nomad. -Bamboo
  6. Nomad- Thanks for hosting. Flies were put in the mail this morning so you should get them in time. -Bamboo
  7. I went for this deal a couple years ago. It was a mother lode of materials for $25. :headbang: Shipping was quick on the Christmas assortment. Subsequent orders have been a little slower but always quality materials at great prices! -Bamboo
  8. Nomad- Addy please. Should finish up in the next couple of days. -Bamboo
  9. I carry my vise, light and extension cord along with the 8 pouches full of material. Definitely some swimming room in this bag! -Bamboo
  10. Don- Please PM your addy when you get a chance and I'll get my flies in. Thanks, Bamboo
  11. Let go of my Bud-Light! :hyst: -Bamboo
  12. Like Al, I had thought Ligas had gone out of business but last weekend, I was in Up Country Flyfishing in New Hartford, CT (UpCountry) and they had a wall full of the dubbing. No idea about the color your after but could be worth a call. -Bamboo
  13. If there's still room, I'm in. I'll do a Chernobyl ant. -Bamboo
  14. If I can't get something locally, I still try an order as close to me as possible just so I'm not waiting a week to get my stuff. I've had very good experiences with: www.linesend.com www.stoneriveroutfitters.com J. Stockard Can't say that I've ever had a bad experience on-line but I do try and stick to the more established outfits. -Bamboo
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