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  1. I just find the grooved jaws to be a distraction, After 55 years tying, I don't know if I could ever fully adjust. They could offer plain jaws as an option, and not as a $100+ add-on.
  2. That looks like the head from my Leonard vise, but mine has a square stem.
  3. I learned to tie with a C-Clamp Thompson Model A. I have tried pedestal base vises and find them awkward. I don't tie when travelling anymore, but when I did, I used a little thing I made close to 50 years ago. Photo is at Falling Springs, Chambersburg, PA. I wish I still had that much hair.
  4. I'll shoot a few and see if I can post them.
  5. I bought a Thompson Model A in 1965, and it sits on my bench today. I bought an H L Leonard vise in 1974. Try to find one of them. Then I bought a DynaKing Traveller. Tried to tie one fly with it. The serrated jaws don’t suit me. Then I got an HMH with lots of extras. Jury is still out on it, but it’s probably gone. Meanwhile, I’m still using the Leonard. What’s in the future, Norvise, JVice, or something different?
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