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  1. Me to AK you could get two slightly used sons at one time, I'm just 61 I could be the older brother.
  2. I also like this little fly, thanks for the post.
  3. Yea it's up to your needs, I have a pedestal and clamp, I use at home the clamp attached to an eight inch higher base that I put together which puts me closer to the work. I use just the base just at club tyes and away from home.
  4. Welcome to the site, I'm from Mammoth county.
  5. There are lots of suppliers that offer the removeable fighting butts, a couple that I use are Anglers Workshop and Mud Hole.
  6. Take a look at a TFO Prism 9/11 or a lighter one from TFO
  7. I don’t know how much the rod goes into ferrule, maybe you could trim the ferrule and rewrap. If it were me I’d remove the flex-coat and see how far the cracks go up the rod, the crack that you have posted looks as if it was not fitting well to begin with. I would remove the flex coat on the wraps with my Dremel tool just down to the thread which will make it easer to peel the rest off, after clean up I would coat the cracked area with a very very thin coat of epoxy and let it cure. Finnish the repair with a bottom wrap of size A thread and a top wrap of size D thread and coat the repair with a high build flex-coat, don’t loose you rods alignment dots. If you don’t have a Dremel around break out the hair dryer to warm up the flex-coat finish and use a utility knife to slice through it, take your time, and always wax your fittings before you put the rod together. I hope you can get some more life out of the rod.
  8. I use griffin ceramic bobbins for thread but use metal for wire and lead.
  9. I used the motor from an aluminum Christmas tree rotating color light, 4 rpm works great.
  10. Yes it floats very well, a tip on adding floatant only use a product called Frog Fanny it won't gum up the CDC.
  11. Very buggy start out with a couple of neutral colors, a grayish white and a brown are the colors I use at the moment. There is some usefull reading here: http://globalflyfisher.com/tiebetter/tying-with-cdc/
  12. The flytire just gave you a very good post, he beat me to it, a good sticky wax that I use when the dubbing has different ideas is Rumpf extra tacky wax.
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