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  1. Ill have to try adding the marabou collar. And thanks for the comb idea i havent done that. Hopefully it will help make it blend together better. I just started tying thies winter and really want to try and catch a pike/muskie on the fly rod.
  2. Thanks for your replies guys. I was going to add some flash to it but forgot about it until after I had already finished. Im tying these for pike/muskie. As for what im looking for i am just trying to replicate some of the great baitfish flies I have seen on here.again thanks for the input. I really appreciate it
  3. Im trying my hand at some baitfish patterns using superhair and they are just not coming out like I want them to. I was wondering if anyone else has used superhair to make baitfish and if the had any problems? Here is a pic of my latest one. If anyone has any tips on how to make it better please let me know. Thanks for any and all replies.
  4. Welcome to the forum and the world of flytying from another southwest michigan member. Just know that fly tying is very addicting. The flies look arlight to me but I am still learning myself. If you have any questions dont be afraid to ask, there are alot of helpful people on this site. Have fun and enjoy. RJ "fatkid71"
  5. Smalliefanatic How do you like the Anvil Apex? I am looking at upgrading from a kit vise and im really looking at that same vise. Any pro's/con's you wouldnt mind throwing out to me?
  6. For a cheap and simple fly box Take a thin huggies baby wipe container and glue some styrofoam on the inside and your good to go. Its light, cheap and works great.
  7. This was my first try at a latex wiggler. I am just starting out tying. I have been at it for a couple of months now. I found the pattern on this website and that is what made me join. Please let me know any thoughts/ ways to improve it. I take any and all criticism.
  8. Hey all Im just getting back into fly tying. I mainly fly fish for bluegills and bass right now but im hoping this year i will be able to hook a salmon, steelhead, pike/muskie, and maybe some smaller trout. Im looking forward to learning everything I can from this site. Tight Lines to all
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