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  1. Hey will Ive been really thinkin about erie for some winter steelies if you fish erie and dont mind send me a pm on the specifics such as times and locations that are good bets
  2. I say if we've/you have heard from him I can wait if theres been no word then what can we do? Ive seen the pics so the suspense is over I can wait to get them. But using them is killin me But realistically I wont be using them for a bit so I vote that the wait isnt a big issue.
  3. Cruncher I like it and think its worth the wait. Geo Have steelie and Tdyette had any recent contcts. Im just getting giddy already. :yahoo:
  4. Its creeping down on us. Has every1 requested and address atleast?
  5. ""I am going to make a thread rack (or rather tower) based on the design of a thread holder my wife has for her sewing thread (and NO, I'm not going to steal hers' when she isn't looking!!"" Let me ask does she get to sew in the house??
  6. gmaschke

    new part time job

    I Feel for ya man. My job finds me directing traffic at times and when you block off a road you really see how stupid some people are. Namely the idiots that drive around you and keep going like you were selling poppies and they werent buying or the dumb asses who stop and ask "Can I drive thru there?" I feel like say yah you dumb ass im just standing in the road with flares all around me and flashing light to tell you that you can in case your soory butt has been driving the long way for the last 40 friggin years..... Sorry just had to let you know I feel for ya, Thankfully Im not doing it 6-14 hrs a day.
  7. Hes right after a few years of the yarn I agreed to try the foam and once you go foam you'll never go back
  8. I bought six so I couold make six. Cant have too many!!! :ripped: :wallbash: :hyst: :hyst:
  9. Id send a picture of mine... if I could find it. Im sure its under that pile in the corner but last time I went in there I didnt come out for 3 days.
  10. Yes I found the book in my mess here and ypu are correct. I knew if I came close someone hre would fill the rest in. Thanx
  11. As far as gel spun I didnt know that had anything but white. I just discovered it a few months ago when it was recommended for deer hair and that stuff is incredible. Ive moved hooks in the vise with that stuff and it never broke. Do all my yarn eggs with it now too.
  12. Man you guys are a different breed! I would love to try a couple classic artistic flies. Problem is Ive got a tone of materials but not 10% of the materials used for classics. Not to mention material for them is much more expensive and Im a gotta have 10 of every color type size etc....
  13. Hey Geo Got them mailed out. They are size 6 nymph called steelhead candy. Ive not tried them or seen them before this spring. They were selling them in every shop I visited this spring and finally bought 1 at season's end to replicate it. I tied a few since tthe ones I sent and got a good fealing they'll work. Bet if theyre tied smaller they would be good panfish flies as well.
  14. Man I hate spiders ecspecially the ones that can leave a mark on you. That camel spider looks like a horror film creation. Cant wait to see you pics of the creation :bugeyes:
  15. Wow thats great!!! :yahoo: If your first looks that great I cant wait to see more :yahoo:
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