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  1. Any idea why the rod building forum site won't let me register for an account?
  2. Thanks everyone for all of the responses.
  3. I am fairly new to tying and am having trouble identifying all of the different hooks that are used. I am in the process of getting my tying table organized and am using a plastic organizer for the hooks but each manufacturer uses different numbers to describe each hook. All of this is to say that a dry fly size 16 hook from 1 company is not a dry fly size 16 hook from another company. Do most of you just stay with 1 brand of hooks so that you know what to get or is there a secret code to understand all of this? My OCD side dictates that I use a p-touch to label each bin with the size and type of hook. How do you all organize you hooks? Sorry for the rambling post but I think I have gotten myself confused with all of this!!!
  4. Not sure about Birmingham but check out the Tennessee Valley Fly Fishers in Huntsville. They have a club meeting monthly and meet for fly tying twice a month.
  5. WOW!!! I certainly got more answer to this "simple" question than I expected. Thanks for all of the responses.
  6. My son and daughter in law both work at a zoo and have access to literally hundreds of different bird feathers. Is this something that I should ask them to gather for me to use in fly tying or is there an issue in using shed feathers? I thought it would be neat to experiment with feathers from different birds to see how they look tied into a fly. What are you alls thoughts on this?
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