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  1. Nice fly. I think I will tie a few of those up tonight thanks
  2. That is a good tip. Thanks I will keep that in mind.
  3. If you google Briminator you should be able to find tying insturctions for this fly. It is a very easy tie but also very effective.
  4. I have a feeling I will be making a few more this weekend. I have some more painted up I just need to get some heavy mono for a weed guard before I tie anymore. I couldnt help my self and tied that one up without the weed guard.
  5. First attempt at a popper by a trout guy. the heads were made by a friend of a friend. I just painted them and dressed them.
  6. I used some SH last night to paint some popper heads. It is cheap and works great. I will usually use 2 to 3 coats of Hard as Nails head cement as a clear coat.
  7. I know exactly what you mean! Back in the days before kids and I was guiding I tied a min of a doz a night usually more. Now I wait till everyone is in bed turn on some nice music in my fly room and just tie what comes to mind. Some nights I still tie a whole bunch some nights just a half a dozen really nice ones some nights I get tyers block too and dont tie any.... I just sit in there and fart around with my fishing stuff.... Whatever it is it always makes me feel better though.
  8. With the smaller gape hook on the panfish popper I think the weed guard might be getting in the way. Not really sure which was kinda the whole point to the thread. I will have to try it both ways for a while and see what happens. I have never really been much of a warm water fly guy but my kids are trying to catch every bluegill in N Calif so the poppers are a fun way for me to pass the time while going with them.
  9. I bought some panfish poppers one time. They looked great but I always have a hard time hooking up with them. I am thinking I am going to go home and cut those weed guards off.
  10. I love to fish poppers... Great job those are awesome.
  11. Does anybody use mono weed guards on small bluegill flys like a size 12? If so what size of mono do you use?
  12. With the limited info you gave us I would have to go Quigley Cripple.....mainly becasue that is what I always go to when I dont know what they are rising on.
  13. I have two favorite hatches but use the same fly for both and that would be the Salmon Fly hatch in the spring and the October Caddis hatch in the fall. I like to use a size 8 or 6 orange stimi for both.... I can actually get away with fishing an orange stimi year 'round except maybe Jan Feb and March.
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