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  1. About a 6" Brookie in a little creek feeding the Saco River, Maine on a little size 16 black gnat, 1987.
  2. I do the same then store in Zip Loc or tupperware laying flat with just a touch of Borax/Salt in there.
  3. My wife works in Sterile Processing and I get all the hemostats, clamps, scissors, picks, etc. that I could ever dream of, for free.
  4. Mossy's Fly Shop and World Wide Angler are both very good in Anchorage, at least to me. However with the coming of Bass Pro Shop in north Anchorage this year and Cabelas, midtown next year, World Wide is not sure he will remain in business. He's afraid a lot of the non-resident purchases he sees will go to the big box stores when they open their doors.
  5. Nice Job! Now you just need to have some little ones come up through the ranks and join in the fun!
  6. Like others, stuff the cavity with onions. herbs, salt, pepper and a big ol' pat of butter. Wrap in foil and throw in the coals of the fire. Do the same with some taters about 15 or 20 min. before the fish. When it's done right, it's like opening up some special silvery pouches of goodness! Chase with good beer or scotch!
  7. +1 to what everybody else said about the spinning.
  8. This so very true! I do not throw away or scrap my ugly (or mistake) flies, I use them personally for fishing. Surprisingly some have fished very well, which just shows me that it is not for the fisherman to decide what the fish will attempt to eat!
  9. I use my coffe grinder and keep a little 'recipe' book next to it so I can keep track of my blends. No problems with long or short fibers and I got the grinder at Salvation Army for $1.
  10. Thank you for this Site! I appreciate it, the people and the information very much!
  11. Awesome! I wish I could help you in attributing credit but your own work is very good sir!
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