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  1. Gurglers! I lived in Mongolia the last 3 years and caught many Taimen on these...!
  2. You would never shoot any long exposure on anything more than 100. You need a neutral density filter to shoot in broad day light to allow for long exposures unless you really want to place your aperture at 22.
  3. Mongolia the country? WOW the reach of the forum amazes me. Where do you fish? I have seen some articles John Bailey did from a few years back on mountain streams in Mongolia but google earth looks pretty dry. Are you catching Taimen? I just moved this year in the dead of winter so... no fishing for another 3 weeks. Regulations and politics here make things quite confusing. I have found a company that I will row boats for in exchange to fish on their permit the last few days I am there, and another really great group of people who also have a company that I will be helping with a conservation effort.. Hope to get some more fishing in with them. Looks like I will be fishing for Lenok Grayling and Taimen. It should be really interesting... expect to see heaps of photos and some stories when summer is through! We have a Patagonia grant so I will be required to document it all!
  4. Thanks for the responses guys! I live in a little apartment here in Mongolia so... I WOULD keep the little ugly guy but I simply can't. There was some guilt that went along with all of it but... I felt it was something I had to do in my life AND i would have felt bad taking a life JUST for its feathers. Atleast i can justify it by eating it! I haven't used the meat yet so... stew it shall me. The feathers though,,, STUNNING! Maybe this summer I will get a chance to cut a pad and use some of the suggestions here. If not. I think I will have to do it again at some point in life because it is satisfying having all of these materials that I have acquire through going to the market
  5. I went to the black market here the other day and bought a beautiful rooster for 20,000TG (15USD) and took him home to boil, pluck, and butcher for the first time ever. I have to say... i did a very bad job butchering and plucking was a nightmare. How do i go about cutting off the "hackle pad" to make this less of a chore? I've googled the heck out of it and still can't find any real directions. Can you skin a chicken so it stays relatively intact? It just seems like a hassle to have to do this every time.... tips would be helpful! I have found out that this is furnace hackle... any tips on patterns? They are really stunning feathers!
  6. I live in Mongolia and besides having TONS of bad ass fur and natural materials to play around with while tying, I often have to poke around and improvise for other things such as foam, flash, hopper legs etc. Recently I picked up a camping sleeping mat and have been using it for hoppers and foam mice. One side (as you can see) is covered in the reflective materials used for space blankets... what do people think about leaving this stuff on as an indicator OR turning around for more aggressive fish....? Thoughts? Ideas?
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