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  1. I tie several of my nymphs with as heavy a weight as possible. Whether it's a Walt's worm, PT, copper john, etc. using lead and a tungsten head really adds to the weight and eliminates the need for shot. as long as you're good with casting two or 3 nymphs at a time, I don't see the need for shot.
  2. Jokey, yes it is. just copying what the original pattern had done to it!
  3. wow, that's great. he also has this video for how he does the segementation.
  4. any tips on how to tie in the foam so it stays flat, and doesn't curl up in that mayfly form? Thanks for the input
  5. here's the thread from a year ago: http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=81647&hl= I went to Mike Mercer's online shop and ordered a dozen of the flush floater stones...only to be told they had none available.. After almost a year, I finally decided my tying was good enough to try to whip some up myself!!! any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated.
  6. Thanks to everyone for the replies. Fisherboy is going to whip me up a dozen. After extensive research, we determined it actually is an adult stonefly. There's two more tiny legs at the very back (not in my picture because I'm not the best taker). I'll reply back to this when I get fisherboy's final product, so you can all see his great work!
  7. I've been thinking it may be an adult stonefly instead of a hopper, but (and it's probable because my picture is poor) it doesn't have 3 legs coming out of the thorax. It has 4, two front and two back. with two antennae as well. I guess that's why it works so well. looks like lots of things to an angler...must look like lots to a trout too!
  8. Thanks for (most of) the replies. Yes, we've looked everywhere. If I knew the shop I bought them at, obviously I'd just go back. But I was hoping someone here might have seen or tied one them selves at some point. My tying skills are limited to pheasant tails and woolly buggers...
  9. been looking for more of these since last summer with no luck. It killed for me in a dry-dropper system. But I only have 1 remaining now. Any help is greatly appreciated. yellow foam body hopper with flash, rubber legs and antennae. deer hair and yellow/orange yarn.
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