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  1. Have you considered the tfo mangrove?
  2. Would you mind posting a picture of the titanium reel? I'd love to see the finish on one of those.
  3. My original design does not feature a multiplying gear. I was just curious what the interest was for it. What makes this reel unique is its hydraulic drag. I will make a post if I can actually get this up and running.
  4. Leaded at the head for a dipping motion.
  5. Plexiglass or some kind of polymer to reduce the weight of the drag housing.
  6. The drag components will be made on a CNC lathe. The frame will most likely be made on a mill. I have no decided whether OE not to make the spool on a lathe or CNC lathe. Once I figure out the exact tolerances I will be able to determine whether or not I can have some sort of plexiglass drag housing.
  7. I am in the process of designing a new fly reel with a unique drag system and I would like everyone's input on what they would like to change about the current design of fly reels. Would you prefer to fish a reel with a multiplying gear ratio?
  8. Looks like it has some great action.
  9. Finally got around to making a fly with the materials I have left.
  10. Tie very sparse and use a comb to brush fibers out. Hair spray and long scissors really helps.
  11. August9999, you could add a bit of body to your flies by tying further up the hook shank.
  12. I have found that barracuda will destroy a sideways fish that it left to drag against the current.
  13. I routinely superglue my fingers together when sticking eyes on.
  14. Yes it is to imitate a dying fish. It has foam on one side and lead on the other. It dips slowly forward into the water and on strip it returns to the surface.
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