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  1. Have you considered the tfo mangrove?
  2. Would you mind posting a picture of the titanium reel? I'd love to see the finish on one of those.
  3. My original design does not feature a multiplying gear. I was just curious what the interest was for it. What makes this reel unique is its hydraulic drag. I will make a post if I can actually get this up and running.
  4. Leaded at the head for a dipping motion.
  5. Plexiglass or some kind of polymer to reduce the weight of the drag housing.
  6. The drag components will be made on a CNC lathe. The frame will most likely be made on a mill. I have no decided whether OE not to make the spool on a lathe or CNC lathe. Once I figure out the exact tolerances I will be able to determine whether or not I can have some sort of plexiglass drag housing.
  7. I am in the process of designing a new fly reel with a unique drag system and I would like everyone's input on what they would like to change about the current design of fly reels. Would you prefer to fish a reel with a multiplying gear ratio?
  8. Looks like it has some great action.
  9. Finally got around to making a fly with the materials I have left.
  10. Tie very sparse and use a comb to brush fibers out. Hair spray and long scissors really helps.
  11. August9999, you could add a bit of body to your flies by tying further up the hook shank.
  12. I have found that barracuda will destroy a sideways fish that it left to drag against the current.
  13. I routinely superglue my fingers together when sticking eyes on.
  14. Yes it is to imitate a dying fish. It has foam on one side and lead on the other. It dips slowly forward into the water and on strip it returns to the surface.
  15. Yep he's right it's a lip that gives the fly amazing movement. The best I've seen so far.
  16. I have been working on lipped ep flies.
  17. I have started to notice the obsessive tendencies caused by fly fishing. For example, I coat each knot I tie in hard as Nails and check and recheck my equipment periodically throughout the week. Does anybody else have strange methods to their madness?
  18. I have had good luck with chartreuse over white clousers around the #2 size. I can imagine ep stuff would be good as well. In terms of your tieing, I would recommend a few small clousers with a couple lefties deceivers.
  19. Where in the country will you be fishing for speckled trout?
  20. The second one (left) came out even better than the first. Thanks for the help everyone.
  21. Those are some good looking flies!
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