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  1. Thanks for all the replies.
  2. I have two hare's masks from hareline dubbing company that I am having difficulty using because of their horrid smell. I actually purchased my second mask thinking the first one had gone bad, now I dread bringing either one out of the bag. Can anyone recommend a way to stem the smell? Does anyone know a source of tanned hare's masks? The masks from hareline were definitely naturally dried and not every piece of meat was removed.
  3. Very cool. Those are some beautiful birds indeed. What kind of size range have you seen on their capes? You should some pictures of some of the dries you have tied with the feathers you have plucked. Thanks for sharing.
  4. I've found myself using Poly Floating Yarn as of late, sometimes I'll use a color other than white if I want more of a natural look. (honestly though, I don't how much of a difference color makes with parachutes)
  5. I have recently started using Goose/Turkey biots for my dry fly bodies, and really like the results. For those with experience fishing/tying these little morsels, how do you tie in the biot - smooth or fuzzy? I really like the segmented look you can achieve with both styles, just curious as to everyone's preference. If you use biots, do you only use them for certain patterns? I have so many different color options that I have been using them for pretty much all my patterns, in all sizes, with comparaduns, parachutes, and standard. Does anyone seem to have more success with biots over dubbed dry flies? Thanks in advance for any input.
  6. Danvise. I was a little skeptical of its construction prior to purchasing it, but it suits my needs well.
  7. I took your advice and tied up a couple real quick. I'm definately pleased with the results, they look like they will stand up to conditions a lot better than the previous ones I tied up. Thanks for the tip! My take on a Hendrickson
  8. I probably should re-size my pictures before linking them. Not sure if they are hard to load or not.
  9. First off, I want to extend a thank you to everyone. I have been lurking in the shadows for the past couple months, and this forum has been an incredible tool. I just started tying a few months back and thought it was time I started posting. I recently started tying dry flies and was looking for some feedback to help me improve the quality of my finished product. Any and all comments are much appreciated. Red Quill March Brown March Brown How do my proportions look? Are the wings set correctly? I'm still learning to wrap my hackle correctly. I'm finding it difficult to not crowd the eye no matter how aware I am of it. So far I have only attempted tying Dries that call for wing material I have on hand (quills, flank feathers, I have even experimented with swiss straw - see photos). As I move towards tying dries with hackle wings, can someone recommend a good source for appropriately sized material in a variety of colors? What works best for you? (whiting hen capes? metz? indian hen capes?) Blue Quill BWO I really like the realistic look that swiss straw gives, I just don't know how well it will hold up or perform. Any suggestions for utilizing this stuff? Thanks again.
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