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  1. Hi there, Been fly fishing about a year and just now getting the fever to learn to tie! In many parts of the world I'm sure folks associate tying flies with the winter months but around here it seems like it might be a good hobby once the temps get over 100 on a frequent basis to my timing is perfect! Learned a lot already just going through all the posts on selecting a vise. If finances allow I'll go with the Dynaking Barracuda, and if not maybe a Traveller or a PEAK vise. glad to be here! Cheers, Luke
  2. Don't know what type vise you are using but for your Mom's complaint about trimmings and such on the floor you might see if the lateral extension made by DynaKing would work with your set-up. It extends a c-clamped vise several inches oner the edge of the desk so you can just sit a trash can below to catch everything. http://www.dyna-king.com/accessories/ Best of Luck!
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