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  1. greifs

    Swap Box 4

    If need be, I can go get it.
  2. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by greifete: the greifete
  3. greifs

    Swap Box 4

    Good stuff guys. I hand delivered the box to finhunter last night.
  4. greifs

    Swap Box 4

    wow... I've been sitting quietly watching... and now that I'm next. This swap just got fun all over again. Finhunter, pm me your addy and I'll turn this thing around quickly. My hats off to the group for getting it this far.
  5. Got mine today... Very well done Everyone. Spanky, great swap- thanks for all the little extras, they were noticed. I look forward to seeing you guys again. Greifs
  6. wasn't it fry that started this swap?? go figure. :dunno:
  7. I was thinking we could buy the Smoky Mt.'s and let CFR use them. :j_k:
  8. I'm sitting here, thumbing through a little over 3000 fly pattern submissions, and thinking, what A nice book this would make. Any plans in the works for a Fly Tying Forum's Encyclopedia of fly patterns, rod building, tying "secrets", material soures, funny pictures, swap guide, trip planner,international stream guide... Etc Etc Etc. ***edit(I left out our bug guys, they can play too.)*** I think with input from 5000+ members, it could be done in a weekend
  9. majestyja actually, this deadline, though very reasonable, may be hard for me to hit. I should probably back out of this one. I'm actually moving twice between now and the 14th June. Two weeks left of school which includes a finals week, starting a new job of the 19th in another city, and haven't a clue which box my vise is in. Sorry for the confusion. Greifs
  10. greifs

    Swap Box 4

    pm sent... everything is worked out. Just don't send the box to me first. I'm all boxed up for the move.
  11. what are the rules? Deadline and who's eligible, Only Beginners :baby: ?? oh... hold on. Bead head said flies that catch trout... my flies don't catch anything.
  12. greifs

    Exam Time

    E- you are such a geek. When I grow up I want to be just like you... or a fireman. greifs
  13. I found a "Love Bug". Named after the source of the latex used. Trojan brand.
  14. Deadline is coming quick!!! Anyone going to miss it?
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