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  1. I can also tie a more traditional pattern like this. Please let me know which you prefer.
  2. Welcome! I look forward to seeing your flies and sharing stories!
  3. My friend that is THE DREADED BH wooly rabbit leech.
  4. This is what I'm planning on tying. Will this work for all of you?
  5. Sam, Do you glue the layers together or are they just tied? The reason I ask is that I fished foam cicadas on the Green River and the teeth on the big browns tore up the thread and destroyed the fly after a couple fish. After an evening with the zap-a-gap I made my flies more tooth resistant and they lasted for 10+ fish each.
  6. I'd tie that beauty in tan, olive and black!
  7. Wow! Beautiful fish! If you don't mind, could you give a link to the thread about your trip? I would like to read that! I hope this works. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?sho...=valles+caldera My post doesn't have any pictures any more because I stored them on an account I no longer have but you can also google the valles caldera and visit their site. Its an amazing place.
  8. I've used crystal flash on mine.
  9. I used to have one but I kept shooting hooks all over the place when they popped out. I also chipped the jaws
  10. After a quick check of my favorites here's what I have that haven't been mentioned: This is one I use for the buggy content and the patterns. http://www.westfly.com/ Here's an interesting one. http://lakes.chebucto.org/ZOOBENTH/BENTHOS/benthos.html
  11. Looks really nice! Does it float level? If so ... you've got a winner!
  12. I would personally recommend that you not get in the habit of using wax. It takes just a short time to learn not to use it and your flies will come out cleaner. Literally! I think the wax leaves something on the fly that tastes unnatural. I may be wrong but I think I catch more fish when I keep my flies more "natural" and avoid things that might flavor the fly.
  13. I've only done it once but I was happy with the result. I held the pelt with two wood strips held with a vice and then cut the pelt with a double-sided razor. They are by far the sharpest. I also wet the pelt to get all the fur under control. I don't know if that helped or not.
  14. I have found that the amount of time it takes to tie a fly has an inverse correlation to the amout of time it takes for me to snag it in a tree. I mostly tye buggy flies.
  15. Just avoid storing them all together. That way if one goes south you won't loose the whole bunch.
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