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  1. If you go with the desk mount, don't forget to have him cut off the stem length to your preference.
  2. Hans... Are those jaws holding the fly in the picture functional? What kind of vise? Curious.
  3. Has anyone ever made up a “Master Index” of articles from previous issues of FlyTyer magazine? Years ago the magazine issued an index each year entailing the years usual four issues, but it was soon discontinued. This would be an invaluable time saver. No reply from Fly Tyer Magazine to inquiry if anything available inhouse or otherwise.
  4. New member to this forum Awesome site! Question: What ever happened to the colored sponge rubber bodies that were available by most suppliers especially Netcraft. They (Netcraft) told me their supplier no longer made them. Only black and white are available. Was this the only supplier for the whole industry? You would think somebody somewhere would offer some. For spring gills on a #12 hook they were great,esp. the flo. orange.
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