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  1. Didn't get a chance to fish this weekend, but I have some pleasant lunch spots...
  2. Will do, Silvercreek. I'll let you know.
  3. Oh wow! The are smaller. Mine is tied on a size 10 using a McPhail YouTube video as a guide. The wings are from a waspi starter kit.
  4. Think I used too much hackle and tail. Less is more, etc. I love the fanwing look. Been tying about 6 months now, and thought I should pop in again. How is everyone doing out there? -Dave
  5. Wow, that's a great looking fly, and what you said makes sense regarding the stiff body. I'll have to try to tie one of these. I'm in southwest Michigan, and there don't seem to be a lot of trout streams here. The DNR says there is one a county over called the Nottowa. I might try that one. I'll let y'all know how I do as soon as I get over there.
  6. I beg to differ. This is an extended-body fly and the hackle looks to be just right for the length of the fly. Also, its hard to tell from the photo, but I would guess the hackle is meant to represent spent wings. Fished in the evening or by moonlight this could be a very productive fly. Thanks guys! I realized it's a little hard to tell just how the fly is laid out in that photo. Bruce, this is tied on a Lightning Strike DF1 size 10. The original I've seen is on an 8.
  7. So, I'm a beginning fly fisher and tier, and I'm from Texas. I'm used to the bass and pan fish I've been catching so far. I haven't even been in my new home of Michigan a year yet, but I hear that there's this magical time of year called the Hex Hatch where the trout hop out of the rivers, walk the streets, and if you have the right fly in your possession, they follow you home and climb into your freezer. So, here's my attempt at my first mayfly.
  8. Thanks Utyer, and everyone. The bidder turns out not to actually know what they want. They brought up the Gray Ghost, but then later told me they were more looking for something more like a "orange royal coachman", and the Royal Coachman looks fairly different to my beginner's eye. Honestly, I know the Ghost is a fairly advanced fly, but I wanted to at least give it a try. I appreciate everyone being so helpful and encouraging on corrections. So, Utyer, is this pattern fished today or is it more a display piece? -Dave
  9. What is that? UV bug bond? I like it. To original poster: I love your ant. I tied one with red thread this morning and the bluegill loved it.
  10. Oh, I absolutely agree. Every one I see on youtube is on a much larger hook. McPhail uses a pheasant Partridge hook, I think. His version has quite a few materials. I was trying to scale it down since the bidder did indeed mention an 8. (Shrug) I'll never know is I don't try, right? The largest hook I currently have is a Lightning Strike ST5 SZ 04, with a 6x long shank. Might try again on that one. So, bigger hooks.
  11. So, I've been giving away few Clouser minnows and Gimps on a site called Listia, which is like a trading version of Ebay. No actual money. Anyway, I was contacted by a bidder asking me to tie him a Gray Ghost on size 8 hook. So, this is my first attempt following an example by Davie McPhail. He didn't include a golden pheasant beard in his example. Not sure how vital that is in actually fishing the fly. The head isn't tapered enough, and the jungle cock eyes are plastic and....ANYWAY... here's a pic. -Dave
  12. Hi guys, kind of a newb here, but I didn't want to clog up the beginner's corner with shots of flies. This is my version of the Hardy Demon streamer, sz 10 hook, red chenille tail,flashabou body, and copper ultrawire ribbing. Beard is ginger rooster saddle, wing is peacock hurl. Thread is black 140 ultra. --Dave
  13. I found a pattern called a Lady Amherst Moth. It seems to catch well.
  14. Lol thanks! I hate to say I did try google for " patterns using..." and didn't come up with much. I thought I'd ask here in case someone had a fly that a beginner should. Tie with them, etc
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