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  1. I tried looking it up on Google and it's very vague. That's why I'm asking you guys. I did many searches before my post so I wouldn't end up with a negative response. I guess that's forum territory.
  2. I'm heading to Michigan soon and I want to tie some nymphs to run under the indicator and the pin for some lake run rainbows. I have some caddis green chenille and some scud hooks. Looking for a simple pattern. Any help is appreciated.
  3. I thought that was the case. I just wanted to make sure that any hen cape is for a wet fly basically. I'm also surprised that Cabelas only has one option for a Hen.
  4. I have a couple of saddle hackle full saddles. I believe that those are for dry flies. What I'm looking for a hackles for wet/nymph flies. I see cabelas only has and India hen and from what I understand hen hackles are for wet flies and the saddles are from roosters for dries? What do I need to look for to get the hackles for wet flies?
  5. My wife picked me up some 13/0 seed beads at Hobby Lobby. They're about the size I had already. Now I know that probably a 16/0 would be about the smallest to tie with.
  6. They were definitely not metal. I think I'll see about ordering some of the 20/0.
  7. Ahhhh, now I don't need to buy more thread!
  8. Also looking for some blue or purple 70UTC thread. I don't think those colors are available so what would be the equivalent?
  9. It seems like the smallest beads I can find are 1.5mm. I bought a few rojo midge in size 22 or 24 from Cabelas and they have 2 very small beads on the head that are about half the size of the 1.5mms that I have. Does anyone know what these are called or where I can get some? This pattern is just killer on a spring creek I fish. Thanks
  10. I don't tie a whole lot but I love this vice. When I first got it a couple of years ago there was a burr on the jaws. I just took a small stone and removed it. I just ordered a bobbin holder for it. I don't how much better a vice can be than this to spend major $$$$$$$?
  11. I just posted the same thing in the fly tying bench and there was a nice response that may help.
  12. I didn't know where to post this or how to email a moderator/administrator. When I want to browse patterns by material, like say floss, it just goes to a blank page. It does this with any material I click. Anyone know why or what I'm doing wrong?
  13. Jfish

    White puff?

    Alright, I just got off of the phone with them. It's white ostrich herl, black thread, and black feathers for a tail. She said to just use any black feather fibers (even chicken) and wrap the herl and then tie a black head. It's a dry fly.
  14. I may have to buy some peacock swords. That may be the easiest thing for a beginner like me. I just bought a saddle neck from cabelas for $40 but it looks like I'll have to trim those down too.
  15. I think a buzzer or zebra midge is super easy. I am brand new to tying and found those very simple. You tube works great. Look up midge.
  16. It sounds to me like various dubbing would work for those tiny things?
  17. Where can I get a good video or tutorial on tying a super small griffilth gnat?
  18. Jfish

    White puff?

    The shop was Scots Sports in Estes Park. It looked like a griffiths gnat wrapped with CDC instead of hackle. It doesn't look like the puff daddy. It's all white I think.
  19. Jfish

    White puff?

    dont you have one that you can take apart to identify the materials?? I only bought 2. I lost one on a bush and the other my bro lost before it was even on a line. I doubt I would know what they are anyway.
  20. Thanks for the replies! I ordered some 28 518s. I'll try the gnat there. I think this will work for that location because literally it looked like the trout were drinking water because I couldn't see any bugs. That is a nice link planetrout. I will tie some of those up as well. What is the deer hair used?
  21. I was in RMNP and found out that some of the greenbacks are slurping super tiny midges on the surface. Does anyone have an idea of what kind of pattern these would be? I don't even know where to locate super small hooks. The smallest I've found is a 24. I believe that something in a 26 or 28 would be even better. I thought I'd post here instead of loading the beginner's corner up with new threads. TIA
  22. I also really like Hans from Dakota Angler and Outfitter (I believe that's right). His youtube name is hansrcsd. He ties a lot of really simple and effective flies.
  23. I was at RMNP last week and I bought some white puff dry flies. I cannot seem to find the pattern online. I think it may have been white dubbing wrapped in CDC? Does anyone know this pattern? Very productive for brookies there.
  24. Thanks for the reply! I do have a staff that I plan to bring. I've been tying my version of a deep sparkle pupa on a size 8 scud hook (that I use to put spawn bags on). They may be kind of big but I don't want to bend a hook. I'm sure that there may still be steel in there but I'm not counting on it. It is my favorite species to go after and it would be nice. I plan to fish for the atlantics just like I would for steel except without spawn. Flies only. I may try some egg patterns too.
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