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  1. One of the best guides in the area is David Knapp. He will make sure you have a great experience. http://thetroutzone.blogspot.com/p/guided-fly-fishing-with-david-knapp.html?m=1
  2. Hi, How small flies can the micro slits in the foam on the lid of this box hold? I have flies down to size 26 & 28 in the slits and have never had one come loose. If you like the threaders then you will love this box.
  3. I fish mostly tailwaters, so I fish a lot of midges. I have tried several boxes for my midges including the magnetic boxes some people have referred to. The magnetic boxes will work fine but limit you to just a few patterns if you want to keep individual patterns separated. The box I use now is the best option I have found so far, it is made by C&F design. The slit foam in the lid is designed to hold midges and works very well, and the three compartments allow you to keep the patterns you use the most in larger quantities ready to go. The box incorporates two threader slots to leave midges on the threaders ready to be tied on. The box is a bit pricey, but if you fish midges a lot you will definitely enjoy all the features this box provides. The only improvement that could be made is if C&F would incorporate this layout into one of the waterproof boxes. http://www.candfdesign.com/product/602733/CF-203/_/Small_7-Row_Fly_Box_with_Ultra_Midge_Size_Threaders
  4. I would like to join if a spot is still available.
  5. Anglers Image makes similar hook storage boxes with magnetic sheets in the bottom. They are about the same dimensions as the C&F boxes but less than half the cost.
  6. Check out the boxes made by anglers image. They are very thin, probably the thinnest ones made by anyone. They are very good for midges and they make them in a few different sizes and have ones with the microslit foam and also offer boxes with magnetic backing. Both styles work well for midge boxes.
  7. I would like to join the swap if its not already full. I would tie a size 22 red midge larvae.
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