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  1. I was always a bucktail fur and feather type of tyer....yea I loved naturals..built all my flies adoring the taper and flow..then I discovered a synthetic worthy of tying with ..I had tried them all ..(Farrar, slinky, kinky, kankeron, kanekolon, et al) was completely unimpressed with their movement/lack of , their plastic ness etc.. I attached some pics of our products ...we sell hair on a patch (craft fur on steroids) as well as blends of the hair (the hair with flash and other accents..truly unique and I have been tying for a long time We are nice family business (the kids work , the parents work, the grandparents work ) proud of what we are doing and working hard to give tyers something better to work with then the mass produced plasticky shit that is out there Feel free to drop us a line, tell us what you want and we will acommodate you..samples, donations for your club raffle whatever David Nelson squimpishflies.com
  2. Mice... Your posts are always well received by my critical self They are so clean and well proportioned Your heads are immaculate I like the originality...no boring renditions here...no sir thanks for the posts david sincerely and respectfully, all the best from squimpshflies.com
  3. Nice ties... excellent color variety..will certainly catch some some fish (off run to boot) Question tho.... How does "spey" have anything @ all to do with these ties? As fly tyers we have only reference, canon & tradition to build from... david
  4. Fish n Chips...I am honored and impressed..i was like hey....I could have tyed those..... To the crew...thanks so much for your amazing support and love... The delays in restaurant opening have afforded me (in addition to the local Carp fishing) a few trips getting my ass kicked by the wind on the branches of the Delaware...hurts so good.....though dont know why I bother w/ the lower east and upper main as I have found myself each trip tucked into a flat on the upper east @ dusk w/decent results.... Ill keep y'all informed as to restaurant progress Much Love DAvid Nelson
  5. damn boy..... 1-nice fish (one day..yes one day) 2-Amazing flies....you have really developed a great style and personailty in the last 2 years w/your tying 3-Pm your address and ill get some of those out to you kevin peace
  6. unfortunately I will not get to swing these for steel however hopefully the browns of the east branch delaware will get a chance to check them out.... my photag skills blow and I had a hard time showing the counter ribbed body hackles which are predominantly RHEA the giant prawn was an afterthought after tying up this series...intended for some local stripes or maybe the new sports museum opening up in downtown NYC.. hope y'all like and thanks for all the encouragment.. david
  7. Been kinda busy lately (I am in the process of opening my own restaurant) but i have really been enjoying the posts when I get a chance to come lurk... Unwinding late nite @ my vise winding some bugs for no other reason than pure enjoyment Practicing, getting back in the groove, really enjoying tying(as I haven't had time for a while) The flies really look better in hand as my photography really sucks Hope y'all like
  8. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...52BSI%26otn%3D4 I have used these feathers before (this is not my sale and I am in no way affiliated) and have ben very pleased.. each feather will yield 2 4-6 inch strips of 2-4 inch long fibred hackles easily enough for 4-5 turns on a shank or tube good tyin!
  9. to quote some of our bredren from the other side of the pond cracking!!! irie I yo! more please!
  10. John...these are hot!! so hot I know a place on the lower eb where the browns will crush those and all will be 20 inchs plus.. love the ackroyd to boot! p/u some albino peacock "butterfly" tail feathers and you will find that leanth for the wings up @ the eye...while not exactly like a slip of feathers teh fibres will give the effect u want really impressive flies david
  11. http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-Millinery-Feat...1QQcmdZViewItem If the price does't rise too much..... 50-75 cents a feather would be a great deal for this item... soak.....strip each side Now one would have 2 10 inch long strips of 2-4 inch long fibred monster spey hackle This is the kind of stuff I have way to much of (an I still want to get more..its like crack)
  12. Hi Harold Bless your soul that you are a vet..... Re: your Quandry ..... working w/bud.....well that will take care of technique (as no matter the materials if one doesn't know how to use them fuggedaboutit) BAsically if you want simple identification in descending order from your pics 1-Guinea Fowl "PAd" Pad refers to individual feathers plucked from a skin and glues by base to a pad of fabric or leather...may have some use provided there is not to much adhesive crawling up from base..odds are that they are ok to use as Ihave recieved a few pads and the makers seem to pay attention to just gluing minimally the base 2-Goose Secondary/Primary Pads...crap 3-Chicken HAckle...dime a dozen stuff looks like neck hackle...available anywhere 4&5 Ostrich plumes...You get what you see...sometimes the vintage stuff has so little flue left that it looks like heron...thats whenI get it 6-"Burned" turkey or goose......the burning process removes the webby nature and makes for some very usable feathers..I actually bought some stuf from this seller a while back and use it w/ good sucess...the stems are thick so one need to hide the tie in/off with material 7-Simple Hackle Pad..looks cool...if you want to tie like 60 dark Syd Glasso style spey flies theese would make decent wings... 8-I think this is goose or swan shoulder...could be usable as thrats/body hackle (one side stripped) maybe a roof 9-excellent looking Coque..this is one of thos items you see alot of and I have yet to buy crappy quality..the stuff just works..excellent for speys (strip one side)..very much like spey cock in some cases....think speal or riach.... 10-Red Hackle Pad--Chicken....Dime a dozen Stuff 11- LAquered Secondary wings...unusable..if they ever have this "Sheen" most likely they are laqured and not usable Point is that some items are dime a dozen but then again there are some treasures.... http://cgi.ebay.com/Fly-tying-crafts-Trago...1QQcmdZViewItem Por Ejemplo tal vez hay una person who wants to try out using tragopan w/out ponying up for a whole skin or.. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...s_promot_widget there has to be at least 6 rhea feather that have been stripped and wound on a base to make this pompom... just unwind and rewind onto a shank... ebay seems pretty light re: good inventory as of right now I wil post an article I wrote about tying w/vinatge feathers when I get a chance
  13. I have been pillaging vintage feathers off of ebay for some time now.... As I have removed myself from commercial fly tying I feel the need to share the knowledge. At risk of prostelitizing......what are you all waiting for? Sellers on ebay have no idea many times what they are actually selling... A sharp eye and a modicum of knowledge of what you are looking at will reap huge rewards for the tyer looking for exotic/rare/at times ancient and unprocurable feathers... So today during break @ work I am searching ebay (more out of habit then neccesity, my wife is really going to kill me one of these days) and what do I find Below is a an item I could not pass up as well as some examples of the item in use... These are smaller egret (cattle I believe) feathers....I cannot even guess as to how many Worth the 15 bucks plus shipping? I think so! A few years ago I was lucky to score some and every time I used them I was like....almost gone..gotta conserve etc. Now....shit Ill be giving these away @ the shows.... So...take a look @ ebay once in a while search vintage feathers search antique feathers search edwardian feathers search millinery feathers search victorian feathers search old feathers I reccomend NOT checking the "item and description box" as you will get way to many hits If anyone ever has any questions re: what they are looking @ shoot me an email @ my website w/a link to the item in question and I will do my best to ascertian the value as well as nature of the material all the best happy holidays!
  14. sweeeeeeeet...... I would love to swing that puppy...
  15. Really Nice technique, proportion and taper..... fox, raccoon, dog? in the wing? really nice more please... david
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