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  1. QUOTE (Bamboo @ Apr 6 2005, 10:48 AM) Great job everyone. Never had a fly swap come in so close to the original due date. And everyone that signed up participated! Talk about a great job --------> Kudos to Bamboo. I got my butter tub(?) in the mail Thursday and caught fish Friday on everything that hit the water. What more can I ask for? All the flies are great, guys. I am really impressed. I'm afraid I didn't live up to the "Foam Standard" with the great Club Sandwich and Double Decker Hopper that were included, but it also catches fish. So I can't complain. I'm just glad to get in the same swap with such good tyers. I'd love to see the patterns in the database if someone gets time to enter them (like the Cricket, Smokey!). Again, great job by everyone, esp. Bamboo for calling the swap. Buster
  2. QUOTE (Bamboo @ Mar 16 2005, 08:05 AM) If you could chime in and let me know how things are coming, I'd appreciate it. I should fini8sh mine up this week.
  3. QUOTE (Hillbilly @ Feb 24 2005, 07:30 AM) Yea we had some drop out thats why I sent back the extras. I don't like keeping something that doesn't belong to me. I did keep the extras that I was told to keep . John, Got my flies in the mail today. Wow! Nice jobs, guys. And thanks for the swap, Hillbilly. I should have told you to keep the extras because I know how much it is a "labor of love" to host a swap. Again, thanks. Buster
  4. I'd like to join this one, with a warmwater twist. Club Sandwich and Cap Spider. Thanks.
  5. QUOTE (skunked @ Feb 5 2005, 04:22 PM) So far I like the TV on in the background, sports games are nice to listen to. Skunked, I've got TV bad. My tying "table" sits on a TV tray, so I can sit there and watch it too.
  6. QUOTE (Hillbilly @ Feb 5 2005, 05:48 PM) I got your flies yesterday Buster. Looks good. Thanks. Glad they made it.
  7. QUOTE (mgj @ Feb 2 2005, 09:39 PM) the great lakes are in the south? mgj wisconsin born bred and raised You have to figure that he wouldn't sell many copies of Fishing the Not-So-Great Lakes of the South.
  8. Don't leave out Southeastern Flies by L.J. Decuir, a Tennessee flyfisher who was a leader on the [email protected] mailing list. He passed away two years ago, but his Web site is is still up: http://www.uky.edu/~agrdanny/flyfish/ljdecuir/home.htm I've seen the book at Books-A-Million locally, and it's fairly inexpensive.
  9. John, Mine got priority mail today, so they should be there in time. I appreciate everyone's patience; I finally got them "fixed up." Buster
  10. Congratulations, CalebB!!!!! Awesome ties! Well deserved honor!
  11. QUOTE (Hillbilly @ Jan 25 2005, 05:11 AM) If someone needs a few more days just let me know I'm sure no one would mind waiting, HB, I'm going to have to beg the group's forgiveness. I'm still waiting on some materials and should have them ready in about a week. Is that too late? I've made a "style change" in the fly recently, and I needed to restock. Materials are hard to come by in this area, and it took longer than I expected. Sorry.
  12. Johan, Really great bench, and it must have been a big project. I can get about 75 percent of the instructions. I'm not sure how the thread rack is attached to the back of the bench. And I'm also curious to know if you use a light while you're tying.
  13. Thanks, guys. I "crossed the landmark" year last year, so there wasn't that much celebraton this year. Except maybe for the 10 pounds of boiled crawfish.
  14. QUOTE (SmallieHunter @ Dec 31 2004, 06:20 PM) I want to thank all of those who have participated. I hope you all have enjoyed tying for the contest, and maybe challenged yourself to spend that extra few minutes to tie a fly to the best of your ability. Will, I don't get many chances to enter any contests, esp. flytying. And although I don't expect to be waving a wooden stick anytime soon I think it's great that I had the chance to enter. So I think everyone really owes you oodles of kudos for going to so much time and trouble to organize the contest, find sponsors, photograph the bundles of flies, then post them. THANK YOU!!!!!!
  15. QUOTE (TODDFATHER @ Jan 4 2005, 01:44 AM) Personally, I think thread furled leaders are perhaps the best kept secret on the trout streams. Todd. I "got into" making the furled leaders off the Global Fly Fisher website about three years ago, and I really like the thread leaders too for trout, and the 2-pound mono for warmwater. I also soak the thread leaders in Scotchgard or some other dry-fly flotant to make the leaders float longer. And I also use the loop-to-loop connection for the tippet.
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