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  1. EXCELLENT! Just what I've been looking for.Very Informative. THANX Old Hat.
  2. Hey, Guys, Researching U V Lights & Resin also Clear Cure Glue. Man Im lost so many Items to choose from. I have been looking @ Loon Outdoors ,Eds Fly Shop for info could use some input. THANX!
  3. ralphh


    thanks guys for the info.
  4. ralphh


    i was at my local walmart today. went to the craft dept. bought some foam for my hoopers and such . i noticed a thread sale by the sewing machine.isle can i use these threads to tiie?
  5. Just bought JAY FISHY FULLUMS BOOK on Tying with common household materials. A lot of interesting materials to say the least. Any one have any comments on this book?
  6. Hey! Thankx! Guys! Getting ready to get my foam to tie a FROGGIE ! FLY!. Seen the vid on this site. Needed to know what foam to use AWSome!
  7. Witner, Pleasure to meet you.I to have just joined and I am overwelmd of all the info on this site. your FLIES ARE AWSOME! Im on the west coast ST.PETE Im just starting out tying I fish alot of saltwater and have a few freshwater ponds close.Tying clousers and and Bass Poppers for now. Please to met you. NICE RED!
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