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  1. Just curious if anyone has made their own cutters? Care to share your method and experience? Continuing my pursuit of tying and rod building on a budget and thinking of making an attempt to make my own cutters. Cheers
  2. I'm liking the looks of these too... Keep them coming!!
  3. A yellow humpy size 14-16 has always been a staple in my fly box.
  4. Thanks for the responses so far. Always inspired by a nice looking fly I am looking to fill my boxes early this year. Piker20- I would like to see your crane posted feel free to post away. Creativity it's a great thing. Joe's hopper and Dave's hopper have always been a favorite of mine.
  5. Anyone interested in posting pictures of your favorite Hopper patterns? Foam, Deer hair, or other. I'm looking for some inspiration for the winter tying season. Cheers
  6. Try having your background much farther back (therefore out of focus). Use your flash. Zoom in a little but not too much. Make sure your camera is focusing on the fly. I can't speak for Photoshop, but most decent photo programs should be able to let you adjust the lighting and sharpness. They can't,however, focus an out of focus pic. FYI Picasa will let you do all those things and the best part is, it's free! Another tip is to set your camera focus on the fly without a back drop in place first then set your background where you wish before snapping the photo. This a bit more challenging with some point and shoot camera but with practice will make the process easier and clearer photos. Also, a $3 DIY photo box out of tracing paper, a shoe box and desk lamp works well too. D
  7. Looks like I found a pattern for my fly box Thanks for sharing!
  8. Thank you for such a great site. Although I don't post much I am a frequent visitor and I'm grateful for such a great group of people. Care on.... many more smooth threads to come!!! D
  9. Skip- What are the size of the drill bit you use to drill out the centers of the stacker? I have some elk horn I would like the try to turn into a nice stacker. D
  10. Nice looking hair stacker Skip :thumbup: Glad to see the Cherry is serving you well. Dana
  11. That will make you fall in love all over again! Beautiful job :thumbup:
  12. That is worthy of adding to the box this season. Thanks for sharing
  13. I hear you! I'm a DIY'er all the way. Some call it cheap, I call it creativity!
  14. PS.... you should copy right the design. You it's a matter of time before one of the bigger company mass produces it under their own name and idea.
  15. Keep in mind, this tool might require a little more distance from the table to the hook, since the whole bobbin has to spin. So, if you can spin your vise around to give more clearance you can create a bigger loop. Also towards the end of the video I quickly slide the loop off the hook. I hope this helps. While trying to video the other option i use to use, with a separate dubbing loop spinner, I just got frustrated since I had 2 tools in the way, so i figured everyone has their own way of doing it and can reference that to my video. AWESOME! Love it and will be making one this week! Thanks for sharing and taking the time. CHEERS
  16. I would like to see a video of this in action if anyone had the time.
  17. Where can can I find more information about the fly on the Hatches Preorder advertisement? Caddis Emerger? Great looking fly and I would like to add it to my box. Thanks, Dana
  18. A fews pics of my new rod building area and tying bench. I still need to install my rod dryer, rod holders and material bins. Oh and the kegorator
  19. Sweet set up Driftless, you got me jealous I'm guessing the vise on the left is from a tying tool kit that can be found at Cabelas. I had one years back, small and easy to travel with. Could be wrong though.
  20. Nice looking Could you post a close up?
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