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  1. Great idea for a swap, I'm in. I will tye a size 14 Flying Ant pattern. This past fall i caught a 23inch Snake River Finespot Cutt on 6-X with this ant. ( Dale Darling version )
  2. Sorry Fellas, to hold up the swap... Threader will have my three patterns by Monday. Goody
  3. Hello all, i just sent an IM to Don telling him he should have my 3 patterns early next week sorr for any delay fellas im also excited to see the whole collection!
  4. Hi guys, WOW! Just checked the mail when i got home and recieved an awesome set of caddis flies!! These will diffenantly come in handy on my trip to Montana this month! Thank you to all, these are some great lookin caddis. This was my first swap and it was a great experience. Threader, a special thanks to you for a great host and steppin up and covering the missing flies! Looks like i maybe got a bonus fly too thanks man! I will surely look for more swaps hosted by Threader! Thanks again to all. Goody.
  5. Hey fellas i will tie the professor, Threader is there a pic of this fly yet? Cant seem to find it if there is. Thanks, Goody
  6. :headbang: Right -on! Can't wait to se them all!
  7. Hi Threader your flies are lookin great ! :headbang: . Just to dbl check when is the due date on this swap? Its been hot here too 105 here yesterday Thanks goody
  8. Hey, im ok with that also, come-on postman!!!! No worries Josh.
  9. great tie Ben and also great step by step ! Looks like a fun one ! Will tie some up for my trip in Aug. Ever hiked and fished the lakes on the Ressuection Trail, Trout lake, Juneau lake, Swan lake? Did a solo trip a few years back up there, each lake has a forest cabin and row boat!! Incredible area, I. then hiked out on Devils creek... Thanks for the new recipe Ben
  10. BUEATIFULLY DONE!! WOW!! thanks for sharing. :thumbup:
  11. Threader, any extra flies are for you, of course..
  12. Sounds like fun id love, to if still open, im in. is anyone tying King of the Waters? Mosquito??
  13. Threader, the flies went out yesterday..should arrive early next week!
  14. Thanks everone for your input, think ill be busy tying for a while!
  15. Nice ties indeed Moushka. Threader need addy plz.
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