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  1. Thanks for the nod GPD4, I'll be standing by to see if I make the cut.
  2. I'd like to join in the popper swap if there is a slot opening. Missed seeing the original post until just now. Let me know.
  3. Riffleriver, you could put a May 1st deadline, give us time to research and buy parts. I'm pretty busy with work right now too, and in the middle of a couple of local tying classes and a rod building class with a project rod. May is about as early as I'd want to commit to.
  4. Just got back to find a great selection of flies. I think it has all be said above, but excellent job guys. Can't wait to do it all again. How about a "beginners" theme tie, like anything Clouser, or some other idea. So what we need is an idea and a swap master. Riffleriver, you in?
  5. I purchased the cutting jigs and foam from River Road Creations (http://www.riverroadcreations.com/GaryKrebPopperJigs.htm). Gary Kreb's has a few YouTube videos on how to use them. A bit of an art (he makes it look sooo easy), but they really do come out pretty good, even for this bigginer. I got to say, it was actually fun. You cut 12 bodies from a $2.00 pack of 6 cylinders. Used the 7/16 cylinders mounted on the Mustad Signiture C70SD hooks, which are pretty reaonably priced for a big game salt water hook.
  6. Here are the poppers. As you can see, I ran short on the white bodies. All show slight imperfections that were expertly placed specifically to ensure I qualified as a beginner. ;-)
  7. Poppers are in the mail today, and will be delivered to Riffleriver Wednesday. Sorry about the delay. I'll try to post pictures here once I figure out how.
  8. I'm thinking I'm going to tie up some Gary Kreb's styled poppers if there's no objections. I just got a set of his popper jigs and a selection of foam from River Road Creations, so this would be a great opportunity to hone my skills with them.
  9. My cabin is at Wolf Point on Crane Lake, which sits between Voyageurs National Park and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW or BWCA). I'm about 2 miles from the Canadian border, with direct access to hundreds of thousands of acres of water right off the doak out my front door. I've not mastered the fly yet, just comming to the realization of the new oppertunies for going after small mouth, northern, and yes even walleye. I've been a traditional bait and spin caster fisherman until recently, and now looking forward to improving my fly fishing skills and success rate over the next few years.
  10. Hi Mike, I'm going to be driving over to an intermediate fly tying class hosted by the Miami Vally Fly Fishers at your Gander Mountain starting in January. I work in West Jefferson, so I'll just head out from work, and then have a bit longer drive home.
  11. I thought it was about time for me to join in and participate in this great form. I've been a member for FTF for the past few months, watching, learning and getting great advice from all the posts and posters on this site. About 37 years ago I had my first introduction to fly tying/fly fishing at a class I took at the University of Idaho. Now I'm working to rekindle my passion for the sport. I have a cabin up in Minnesota on the boundary waters where I plan to retire, and I need to develop my skills while I'm still down here in civilization. I recently took fly tying, stream entomology, and casting classes at Mad River Outfitters, my local fly shop, and I'll be taking additional classes this winter locally and over in Dayton with the MVFF. I grew up in New Mexico, vacationed in Colorado, lived and worked in Washington, Oregon and Idaho, and always equated fly fishing with trout, salmon, and steelhead. I'm happy to find that my Midwestern home is rich with fly fishing potential and a great community to learn from and grow my skills.
  12. I would like to throw my hat in the ring. I certainly qualify as a beginner, as I just started tying this fall. I had taken a class in fly tying/fly fishing back at the University of Idaho 37 years ago, and now I'm working to rekindle my passion and develop my skills before I retire. I recently took classes at my local fly shop and will be taking additional classes this winter. I'm also new to this site, been here reading posts and learning a lot over the last couple of months. Not sure yet on what I'll tie, have to give it some more thought. The timing is great with the holidays offering some time away from work. Let me know if there is still room and/or if you'll take this green horn.
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