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  1. The best I have found is in a ziplock, then fold cardboard to make envelope. Remember large orders are worth the mail costs and a tracking number/insurance. Classics get shipped in hockey card/deck of cards plastic cases with foam to press in case mailroom lads have a football game with the package!
  2. Hi add147, I like using Loon UV resin and light torch,.... then let cure in sun, Final step, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails to protect the clear head.
  3. Hi ditz2, Thanks for the compliment. Well time is relative I guess... I tie Classic Salmon Flies need I say more ...so you guessed, it was a "few Hours!!!" approx 60 hrs or so.
  4. Hi Utyer, yes it is. The is a BBQ motor in the back into a power bar. the glue dries very nicely shaped heads as it rotates to solid
  5. Hi Chase Creek, I was in a granite shop and spied this on the display wall...I made a poker face deal to buy the "dusty demo" and ran out of there like it was the Stanley Cup! It is a beaut piece stone and it is on slider rails(Lee Valley)that pulls out of where the books used to go in the desk and then I made a drawer below for extra storage. Thanks for the thumbs up!
  6. Well Murray, you have first dibs if it comes to upgrade! Thanks for message and compliment.
  7. planet trout....AWESOME find thanks for that! Hope this is the one in question..if not we need to keep looking! I love your daughters comment! I have never won an arguement with my daughter since she was 4...now a Paralegal for environmental law! I would ask your daughter as I have mine...How many shoes does two feet need and purses for two shoulders?
  8. I don't remember either, but it was within the last few years, not more than maybe 4-5. I remember the picture ofsome wings that stuck in my memory. were the wings made from feather where ever 4th barb was left in between removed and the feather then was tied in a loop so each of the feather barbs were veins on the wing? Or do you recall the material that the wings were made. I am going through my stuff on the computer, however that is a Hoarders TV show waiting to be made...
  9. I agree with rockworm, Ken Sawada specializes in classic salmon flies( have his book and he ran competitions) and they are unbelieveable! But Might be worth a google search for sure though I have never seen Ken dabble in mayflies but who knows! Very interested if you track down article ClassicRustyHooks
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