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  1. W. W. Doak - Doaktown, New Brunswick 10. Natural Red #8530 $9.50 CDN
  2. I give away, trade or sell virtually all my flies... I'm almost always scraping the barrel. I'm packing for a 4 day backcountry fishing trip right now and will have to spend the weekend tying to make sure I have enough to fill a box...
  3. Green Machines for Atlantic Salmon - size 6
  4. I've got to tie at least a dozen of a fly in a single size in a single sitting to get a flow going... if I can get a dozen an hour.. all the better.
  5. In all your years of guiding what would be the single biggest mistake your client's always make? Tell us a story about your worse client ever.
  6. What is the best new (10 years or so) technological innovation to be made available to today's fly tyers? What is the worse?
  7. Never get tired of good tricks! Thanks for the Idea®s!
  8. The biggest I can find anywher is 14/0 http://www.billfishtacklesupply.com/Hooks/maruto.htm Looks like you might need to break out the propane torch and hammers to "build" yourself one. I'm gonna guess that the temper wont matter all that much. For some reason I'm expecting this to turn into fly fishing's version of the jack-a-lope. Am I wrong!?
  9. Or.. you could get a nice big 2/0 hook and cut it off a the bend and eyelet. Then solder in some wire or heavy mono in the shank's place. Tie the fly on the modified hook. This would make it flexible enough to enter the bottle without being immediately apparent since the modification would be hidden by the fly.
  10. I was under the impression that the majority of ships in bottles are assemble outside the bottle, laid flat, then setup using little tools. I would think for an effective look you'd want a little 2oz (mikey) bottle where you could insert a pretty big (looking) piece of driftwood then snake a nice big salmon fly trough the neck and "mount" it to the driftwood using maybe some epoxy while holding it with a hemostat. That way you'd end up with a "big" display that once assembled couldn't have been inserted into the bottle as is. The fly would snake in easity because the wing is easily collapsable. It would just need a little straightening up with a bodkin. I'm sure you've put some thought into this.. what ideas have you come up with?
  11. Sounds like an awesome plan man... you've got the right idea... don't worry too much about the fish... a good, true, friend is a treasure in this life not to be taken for granted. I like to think I've got a friend or two that would do the same. All the best to you and your buddy. Take care, ~Jeff
  12. Same here.. dremel with sanding drum then emery board. You can use the "plastic" corks too. I recommend doing this in a room where your signifcant other seldom treads because the dust kicked up by the dremel goes everywhere.
  13. bottom pic, 6 olive flies on the bottom left. Matuka/Madtom/Muddler paterns of some kind... is that mallard flank wrapped over something else for a wing?
  14. Atlantic Salmon? West Coast Salmon? European? any idea of the origin? What are you fishing with it? Lots of salmon flies originated regionaly and don't exist outside of a 50mile radius of they're home river.
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