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  1. I'm on Instagram too ... my nickname is @oladaniel
  2. Thanks The eyes are 1X tippet.
  3. Caddis Pupa, before and after "the water test". Hope you like ém.
  4. Those look great Agrees 100% Murray Many thanks! Cheers Murray. /Daniel
  5. I've been tying some small and simple midge emergers and Paraduns this week so far. Hope you like it
  6. Yup. I'd also like to add 1 olive hat. Thanks! /Daniel
  7. Some caddis larvae och pupa from the vise this week.
  8. In honor to Bob Quigley who recently left us I tied a bunch of Quigley Cripples. The fly on the pic is a variant to use when our largest Mayfly over here in Sweden, Ephemera Danica, is hatching.
  9. Many thanks! Follow me on Instagram with your smartphone, I will be photoblogging there during my trip (and other trips and fly tying). My nickname on Instagram is @oladaniel I'm going to my homestream for trout tomorrow. With a bit of luck and sunshine the yellow may flies will start hatching. Cheer, Daniel Smith
  10. I like to use André Bruns Polychenille. Very easy and VERY effective. Easy to tie and they float perfectly. http://itsabouttrout.se/?p=2509
  11. Many thanks for the inspiration! Superb tying. A modern touch of classic tying.
  12. Sign me up for: 1 FTF Metro Blue (Large) 1 FTF MLB (Large) 1 Hatches Magazine (Large) Can't wait
  13. Many thanks, very kind.
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