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  1. I'm on Instagram too ... my nickname is @oladaniel
  2. Thanks The eyes are 1X tippet.
  3. Caddis Pupa, before and after "the water test". Hope you like ém.
  4. Those look great Agrees 100% Murray Many thanks! Cheers Murray. /Daniel
  5. I've been tying some small and simple midge emergers and Paraduns this week so far. Hope you like it
  6. Yup. I'd also like to add 1 olive hat. Thanks! /Daniel
  7. Some caddis larvae och pupa from the vise this week.
  8. In honor to Bob Quigley who recently left us I tied a bunch of Quigley Cripples. The fly on the pic is a variant to use when our largest Mayfly over here in Sweden, Ephemera Danica, is hatching.
  9. Many thanks! Follow me on Instagram with your smartphone, I will be photoblogging there during my trip (and other trips and fly tying). My nickname on Instagram is @oladaniel I'm going to my homestream for trout tomorrow. With a bit of luck and sunshine the yellow may flies will start hatching. Cheer, Daniel Smith
  10. I like to use André Bruns Polychenille. Very easy and VERY effective. Easy to tie and they float perfectly. http://itsabouttrout.se/?p=2509
  11. Many thanks for the inspiration! Superb tying. A modern touch of classic tying.
  12. Sign me up for: 1 FTF Metro Blue (Large) 1 FTF MLB (Large) 1 Hatches Magazine (Large) Can't wait
  13. Many thanks, very kind.
  14. Thanks! Dun - TMC 101 #14 Emerger - Partridge 15BN #16, Grip Hooks 14723BL #14, Varivas 2200BL #12
  15. I also use MP's Swiss Vise, and I love it. I own one (12/20) of the Marc Petitjean 20th Anniversary Edition in "gold" with the full pack of accessories. Anyone else here own one of these? Would be cool to know where in the world the 20 vises live.
  16. Cheers from Sweden! This is my first post after years of lurking In about a week I'm going on a fly fishing bonanza to the northern parts of Sweden. So this week I've loaded my dry fly box with yellow may flies (duns and emergers). Trout and Grayling beware
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