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  1. Thank you everybody for the help, I realize if I buy inexpensive materials I risk the chance of bad mats. What I was meaning was if you guys had any sites that had materials that where a little less money but same quality.
  2. That Is amazing where did you find that?! Hunting for moby dick I see!
  3. Thanks bud, your flies are great can't wait to try to tie em. That's a good idea with the scudback back to- your just full of brilliance!
  4. Thanks And I'm looking for some wet hackle, I have a couple dry saddles. I've had some success with ebay, I bought a whole rabit pelt (no face though) I got it for 5.30 cents that's including shipping. I'm planning to dye it and cut into sinker stripes.
  5. Did just do a dub loop or did you pack and stack. Looks great, and yeah those could drag up some smallies!
  6. Hay guys I was just wondering if you have any discount fly tying material resources. I find my wallet is always a little lighter every time I purchase something. So I decided to see what you guys think, and I know when I was starting out these posts always helped me. So anyway what are your resources?
  7. I got them today, all of the look awesome. It was a great swap, thanks Ebrant10 for hosting this swap it was great.
  8. Hi Banks, I'm glad to hear we have a new there in the community. Your flies look very good for your first fly, you sir have your self an addiction on your hands! Welcome.
  9. That looks like a good idea, I'll have to try it thanks!
  10. I like to tie red floss or yarn at halfway down the bend of a sudden hook and just wrap forward.
  11. Good SBS! I like the look of him ill have to try emailing out, thanks.
  12. This is the easiest and best looking realistic beetle, thank you for posting this sbs.
  13. good- I was starting to think they where lost!
  14. Just got back from fishing near Naples- didn't catch anything but saw 2 permits and some snook. I'm hopping to get out there and catch one.
  15. Just got to Naples, anyone know where I should fish? Looking for a shore fishing spot.
  16. Bkatz ummm... If I do fish the gutter system for snook, what do I look for in the water that would hold them. Same foronthe beach do I cast randomly or do ilook for any thing? Thanks
  17. 176319

    Fish Pictures

    Here is my best must so far 15 lbs 38 inches
  18. Step 1. Start thread at half point then wrap to the barb. Step 2. Tie in Mono eyes. Step 3. Tie in some fur or synthetics. Step 4. Tie in deer 4-6 deer hairs for touches. Step 5. Tie in strip of shopping bag, or nymph skin. Step 6. Dub body with rabbit dubbing in brownyy orangey color coming back to the skin area. Step 7. Then dub thread with red dub. Step 8. Fold over skin then wrap 4 wraps of the the dubbed thread across. Step 9. Tie off then trim skin. If you have any suggestions tell me I will add them in for V2. Thanks
  19. Hay Ebrant10 finished the buggers, just need an address then ill stamp and send!
  20. Really only three cm! Outside of Ottawa we got around 2 ft!!! Oh well, we live in canada!
  21. Got them on Thursday! Thank you for this great swap. There are some beautiful looking flies in there, thank you.
  22. I nt know anythingabout salt water fishing, what are some almost sure fire places to go to that fish will definitely be at?
  23. I would have never thought of this technique, thank you for posting- I have been waiting for a good pattern like this! Thank you very much.
  24. Wow that is a beautiful shrimp pattern- Good Work!
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