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  1. Ok. It’s been s long time since i was in swap. Please put me down. Thanks
  2. Thank you!! Will have my flies sent out to you hopefully by the weekend!!
  3. I don't get in here as often as i used to..I retired and now find i have even less time then i did when i was working! I am just going to have to slow down a bit and get back in here time to time..Used to do all the Salmon and Steelhead swaps and kinda miss doing them!!
  4. If it's not to late i would like to join in on this swap.. Had forgotten all about it and don't get in as often as i used to..Salmon and Steelies are my game and they will be the flies i tie for if ok??
  5. Nobody admitted to receiving mine either..Least they were in a nice box!
  6. I apologize for being late in posting..I have been fishing the Salmon River in NYS for Steelheads..I would like to thank Stabgnids for a great box of flies.. And Vcrider for the extra materials that came along with them..Thank you doing a great job hosting this swap once again..Already looking forward to next year...
  7. Just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!
  8. Am glad you received it with no problems..I was told it would be there today but you know how the mail is this time of year..Just wanted you to have it before Christmas!!
  9. I also received the package in the Mail yesterday..Now that is MY kind of Gift Wrapping!! Going to be hard to wait for sure, but hopefully will be on the Salmon River on Christmas Day.. Might be a couple i can put to use right away!!
  10. Yes.. Please include me in this swap once again..Will Tie up so Steelhead flies...Sent you a pm
  11. I also received mine this past Saturday..Thank you vicrider for all the time and effort that you put into this swap..Also want to thank David R for what ever is in the box! I had the wife hide them so they didn't get opened!! Oh and Vicrider thank you for the dubbing..That got put to use the same day received!!
  12. Wife sent my flies out yesterday..Please comfirm when you receive them..I don't trust mail..
  13. Mine are all done and will be going out by end of the week..
  14. Bonthewater....Would please post the materials used for the first fly?? Love the body materials and am willing to bet that would be a great fly for Steelhead in the Spring..Thank's in advance!
  15. Don't seem to be all that elusive this year so far..Have gotten four so far in Three trips..Biggest has been maybe 10-11 pounds..
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