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  1. Hi Ditz, Thanks for your post. I also have a 7- 1/2 ' rod by Orvis, and a 6' rod by John Pretola of Woronoco Custom Fly Rods. After using the 6' rod and enjoying John's shorter rod for my close in type of fly fishing, I wanted to try a 5' rod and Mark Steffen agreed to build one for me out of S-Glass. So now I have a Winston 9' 5 weight Boron rod gathering dust, and a Winston Boron 9' 10 weight salt water rod rod also not being used at all. Thanks, FredSG
  2. Hi Whatfly, I'm sorry, but I'm having fits with this forum . . . can't even use copy & paste to reprint what I wrote in my originaql post . . . the 5' rod is just easier, at least for me, when fishing/ in small streams and narrow rivers that have overhanging branches and heavy vegetation on both banks . . . with a longer rod, I'm more apt to get hung up if I'm not very careful with my casting. It works for me . . . maybe not for others. Wow, I had to go to Google Chrome to post my photos. Internet Explorer wouldn't work! FredSG
  3. Utyer, How do I post larger photos and not the thumbnails? Thanks, FredSG
  4. Sorry, For some reason I can't post photos even after reading the directions. The "image properties" box just seems to freeze up ond me. Help!!! FredSG
  5. Hello, I had the pleasure of dealing with Mark Steffens last year, owner of the Steffens Rod Company, and had a custom five foot, 5 weight fly fishing rod(s) made for me. We went back and forth exchanging a series of Emails trying to decide how it was to be made and what hardware was to be used on the final fly rod. According to Mark, it was his first attempt at a five foot fly rod. He makes his own blanks and used S-fiberglass in making my rods. As it turned out, I ended up with four rods each with different strengths or flexibility in casting. The five foot length casts just great and the length is terrific on narrow streams and rivers that have an over-abundance of vegetation on both banks that might otherwise interfere with casting using a longer fly rod. Some day if the snow ever melts in northern Maine, I'll be able to use my new rods to great advantage!
  6. Hi, Any one else get one of these? I just received this Email. Don't understand how your forum was involved. Go to bottom of this Email and see FlyTying Forum connection. FredSG _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FredSG, tonyrobert has sent you a new personal conversation entitled "tony". tonyrobert said: ====================================================================== I am Tony male, 24years old. Actually, I need your assistance in completing a bank project in SPAIN, EUROPE. it's a deposit that was made in my names by my late father long time ago, the bank account containing US $15.Million... in BANKIA BANK SPAIN, I will need your help to stand as my guardian and to help me invest and make proper use of my inheritance, while I further my education in your country... please reach me through my private email address for more details/ [email protected] OR Call me at; +233 232 071 594 Thank you, Tony ====================================================================== PLEASE DO NOT REPLY DIRECTLY TO THIS EMAIL! You can reply to this personal conversation by following the link below: http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?app=members&module=messaging&section=view&do=showConversation&topicID=22125#msg33053 Return-Path: <[email protected]> Received: from relay2.av-mx.com ([] verified) by cgp-f1.av-mx.com (CommuniGate Pro SMTP 5.4.2) with ESMTP id 908287530 for [email protected]; Sat, 09 Mar 2013 06:26:07 -0500 X-NNS-TO: [email protected]
  7. Hi GPD4, I guess you were looking at my Folger Coffee containers. I store my cleaning mops and brushes in them by caliber and gauge. I think I cornered the market on empty Folger Coffee containers! Yup, just purchased a 28ga H&R Shotgun as we had an invasion of skunks and raccoons on my property this past year in Maine. Not sure why. My thanks to all for the compliments on my upstairs garage "play area". FredSG
  8. This is my all purpose fly fishing vest. Holds quite a bit and is very comfortable, but a bit heavy. FredSG
  9. BigDewy, You may need to install Java files to see that web site you say you can't open up with Internet Explorer. FredSG
  10. Hello Moderator, If this type of posting is not allowed, please delete and accept my sincere apology. FredSG
  11. Hi Piker 20, I just received the 5' one piece rod, too late to use it this season in Maine, Have to wait until next year to really test it out. I did use a 6' 6" 2 piece rod on small streams this past Summer; mending was rarely, if ever used, only roll casting. I wade out to within 20' of my Brook Trout pools and that's it . . . do my casting and catch my trout. Very little back casting as there is too much vegetation on both sides of the streams I fish. BTW, my longest rod is a 9' 5 weight, which gets little use now; my most used fly rods are my 7'6" four piece, my 6' 6" two piece and next year the 5' one piece will get extensive use. FredSG
  12. Hi, Thought I’d show off my new 5' one piece 4/5 weight fly fishing rod that was made for me by John Pretola of Woronoco Custom Fly Rods located in Russell, Massachusetts. This is the second fly rod that John has made for me. The first was a 6'6" 2 piece 4/5 weight fly rod that received extensive use this past Summer in the small rivers and streams of Northern Maine. I consider my new 5' one piece rod to be a full flex rod and expect to have some terrific battles with Brook Trout next year. Very light in weight, it should serve me very well in the narrow streams I fish that are bounded on both shores by rather tall vegetation. The rod, enclosed in a full length cloth bag, came to me in a very handsome Clear Creek 5'2" textured black aluminum tube with screw on cap, and was shipped to me in a heavy duty ABS black tube also with a screw on cap. Thanks for Looking, FredSG
  13. Hi, I've always used the traditional fly vest, but liked the looks of the LL Bean Rapid River Vest Pack, read a number of excellent reviews on different sites, so decided to give it a try. I think it's great for a day trip, enough pockets to hold most of the accessories you will need to bring along. It's not a backpack, so it won't hold as much, but so far has been a good purchase for me. Just another option. FredSG
  14. Hello All, The Fly Fishing season here in northern Maine is drawing to a close. Just received my new Woronoco Custom Fly Rod, a 2 piece, 6' and had to try it out . . . went to my favorite Brook Trout pool and caught somewhere around 25 nice Brook Trout. The third one I caught was about 8 1/2" and decided to keep it. The limit is ONE BROOK TROUT. I figured that one would be the biggest. So much for my figuring! At least three others I caught later were bigger, but none over 10". Still, all in all, I was a happy guy! Nice Brook Trout, new rod that cast really well in a narrow brook bordered on both sides by tall shrubs, trees and grass. If you are looking for a new rod, very reasonable in price, visit John's web site. http://woronocoflyrods.squarespace.com/ FredSG
  15. Colotyer, Kinda wish you posted smaller resolution photos. When I click on your snapshots I can't see everything and my screen locks up. Best resolution is 1024 x 768 pixels or thereabouts. Just a suggestion, and no offense intended. FredSG
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