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  1. fly-by-night / ditz2, I have the 3wt. line wit ha 7.5ft. leader for right now. I think from what the two of you are saying I should be just fine with that, and a 2ft. piece of tippet on the end. Im probably going to try the new rod out this week or next, so I will let you know how it goes...hopefully with good results.
  2. tidewaterfly, I agree that it is more personal preference and how the rig as a whole feels while casting. I was just looking for some general guidelines for a smaller rod compared to my 5wt., and it seems like most of you answered my questions for me. One last question thought, is a shorter tappered leader a better bet that the 9-12 ft leaders I use on my 5wt.?
  3. Awesome, thanks flytire I appreciate it.
  4. flytire, thats good to know and must have been a pretty good fight, but when it comes to leaders and tippet is there a rule of thumb for length and size compared to a 5wt.?
  5. ditz2, you brought up another concern of mine. I was wondering what exactly my new 3wt. would be able to handle as far as the size of the fish and the kind of leaders and tippets. Should I only be using a 71/2 foot leader? Am I restricted to a smaller sized fish than I would be with my 5wt.? Fly restrictions?
  6. So last night I broke down and bought the basic Cabelas Three Forks/Prestige Plus fly rod/reel combo. It is a 3wt 7'6" med action rod that was prespooled and ready to go. Its not top of the line, but I think it will work well for what I ned it to do. I appreciate the input guys.
  7. tidewaterfly, thank you for the input, and I know it will be personal preference. You pretty much answered my question though and that I think I should just go down to the 3wt. since there is not much difference between the 4&5wt.rods.
  8. I was just hoping for some feedback on this question, but would a 7'6" 4wt. be a good choice to have as a back-up or lighter weight rod to my 9' 5wt.? Or should I go down to a 7'-7'6" 3wt. i am looking for a rod that will give me a little more casting room in tight areas, but would also be a good back-up to my 5wt. Thanks everyone.
  9. You could be right, sometimes its a pain in the butt to decifer them. I just know that it will taste great.
  10. Good moring everyone, I had a few hours yesterday morning so I decided to hit the Scantic River here in Connecticut. Pretty busy morning with a couple 5-6 inch rainbows caught with a size 10 Hairs Ear that went back for me to catch later...haha. Had a brown unhook himself from my line, but was able to land a nice 10 inch brookie under a bridge in some light riffles. Erik
  11. Thanks everyone, I appreciate it. It does feel good to get back out on the water and in front of a tying station again.
  12. Hello everyone, I just got back into fly fishing and fly tying again after about a six years. Unfortunately life happened and did not have time for it, but found that I do now and that I am enjoying every minute that I go out fishing or that I am sitting at my tying bench. I just finished making this tying station last week and have been busy tying flies ever since. Erik
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