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  1. That's a pretty pattern and great execution.
  2. Its not quiet the Chubby...its a fly im working on tweaking myself.
  3. Thanks...finally jumped on the double deicever band wagon.....we'll see how they fish in a few months.
  4. These are mostly from February I think...
  5. I agree, I really like those two. Might have to make a few of my own.
  6. I use the gamakatsu octopus hooks for all my gar flies and they will generally stick into the beak of them. then no rope to worry about untangling. Even if they only play for a few minutes and throw the fly, im ok with that.
  7. Check this guys blog out, I have used several of his hopper patterns http://hopperfishing.wordpress.com/category/fly-tying-tutorials/
  8. Nick!! That's his name!! haha. anyway...material list, sure. Hot Spot: orange krystal chenille Eyes: 50lb mono melted, sharpied, CCG'd Mouth/Head/Flashy crap?? : Polar chenille in Pearl, 3 wraps. Legs: White peppered rubber legs Antenna: 2 pieces of black krystal flash, doubled over for 4 total Claw things: Good question: I bought this stuff a while back and I have NO idea what its called, sorry. its a synthetic fiber, marked with sharpie Gills: Olive Grizzly Saddle hackle Body: Blend of UV Ice dubbing lt yellow and golden brown( small clump ),little bit of pink and a little bit of tan rabbit, blended together then dubbed in a loop, combed out. Black beadchain eyes up front to get it hook point up. That's it. I wish I could know what else I actually used, but some of the dubbing and material was bought YEARS ago when I wasn't good at organizing materials. I tied the fly on a Gama B10S, hopefully its a strong enough hook for a redfish.
  9. Just realized this is one of the, maybe the first fly of 2014 I tied.... shrimp/crab thing for the gulf this May.
  10. Looking for comments on this....kinda was going for the look what some of the flies the guy at 239 Flies ties, I cant remember his name for the life of me right now. Heading to gulf shores in May, what do you think????
  11. I started when I was 12 or 13..something like that. Coming up on turning 29, so been doing it for a while.
  12. I have a Renzetti ruby tip bobbin from WAY back when I first started tying. Its been used enough that the bead was starting to fall off so I had to tack it back in place. I really wish I could grab a couple more as backups. I have tried a couple others but I really like the renzetti
  13. I've using CCG with a cheap UV light I got at Ace Hardware. As long as the batteries stay fresh in it, it does just fine. My fly shop guy likes the Loon product, he never uses a light thought, always goes to the sun, or goes and makes me stand in the sun for him.
  14. Hello all, registering here so I can get deeper looking into the posts. Plus I probably have something to give back. Ok in all seriousness, i have been tying since I was in middle school, so going on 15 or something years by now. I live in St. Louis MO, I chase mainly green sunfish and carp in a runoff/strom drain creek thats 3 minutes from my house. I also get out and hit up the trout and such. Next year I will be returning to my favorite place on the ocean and I hope to stick some fish there. So yeah...ya'll are stuck with me now.
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