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  1. use a spinner bait shaft (jenncraft sells them), and lash an octupus hook on at the rear ala an intruder. you can tie 8 inch long flies that way and still have only a short shank hook.
  2. I also use a roll top desk, but i no longer have the issue with my upper back hurting. I LOWERED my vise and moved it closer to my body using extenders; the vise head now sits at the low end of my breastbone, and closer to my body. I believe my arms were raised and held up too long to be comfortable. if you'd like me to send you a photo of my setup, PM me and we'll get it done. hth garthman
  3. the best I have found for dubbing loops is Marc petitjean's tool. it has a spring steel head that you can close once it is loaded , and the dubbing doesn't fall out with normal care. no need to use wax usually. garthman
  4. http://www.feenstraguideservice.com/pdf/thunderchicken.pdf hope this helps garthman
  5. I have a renzetti traveler, and routinely tie size 2 flies in it. I have even tied some 1/0 and 2/0 saltware and musky flies in it. I've not had a single problem with it in the 5 years I've been tying on it. I'd ask renzetti to fix the issue with your vise's jaws unless you really want a new one garthman
  6. pick the school with the best course of studies, professors most closely alligned with your interests, and the best placement record in the field you want to work in when you finish up. a co-op program would be a big plus. a history of internships in your field for upper classmen would be a big plus. recreational opportunities , girl friends, and proximity to home are all of secondary importance in my opinion. once you get out with your degree you'll have the time and money to enjoy what life has to offer. garthman
  7. sorry, I don't know the term "gems wool". what is it please? garthman
  8. you should maybe check your NY state fishing rules book before you fish two flies? I believe we are limited to one hook by rule? would not swear to it, and can't check my rules book because I have temporarily misplaced it. just don't want you to get caught up by a game warden
  9. I'd like an olive x large please garthman
  10. very nice. I found the pattern for the original listed in Veverka's book. please, what material did you use for the hairwing? is it fox? garthman
  11. do you have a completion date in mind please? garthman
  12. Bear Lodge Angler has them : Hump-Bak™ Beads Designed with an offset hole, these beads are the ticket for Bubble-Bak™ or Flash-Bak™ patterns. Perfect for sizes 12 - 18. Blue, Clear Rainbow, Smoke, Roe Red, Copper Sheen, Dark Olive, Insect Green, Pearl $2.50 per pack Colors 177-Blue 250-Clear Rainbow 251-Smoke 254-Roe Red 257 Copper Sheen 440-Dark Olive 443-Insect Green 471-Pearl
  13. checked under humpback and found them listed as Spirit River Hump-Bak glass beads g
  14. I believe they are called humpback beads. I have some in blue and some in red that I use for steelhead nymphs. If memory serves me, I got them at Mad River Outfitters or feather-craft. if you draw a blank there, let me know and I'll see if I can dredge up an old invoice. garthman
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