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  1. Just wanted to thank everyone again for their advice an input. The desk is solid white oak and the drawers are sold cedar. I am guessing in the 175 pound range. She is SOLID. 3 coats of varnish on so far. I am thinking it will need at least another 2. I appreciate the great advice! Cheers.
  2. I ended up with the regal. I read the instructions and took off. Tied from 18-6 yesterday afternoon. It is a rockstar. I appreciate everyones imput! thanks for helping me make an informed decision!!!!
  3. Tying small trout flies 22 up to 2/0 Bass and Musky Flies. Thoughts? Experience? Comments?
  4. utyer, you are the man. Thanks so much for how much you contribute to this forum. You have helped me and I am sure countless other folks in our own personal progressions. Thank you!!!
  5. So to tack on to my original question, what would yall recommend for a small light gel spun type thread? I tie a number of smaller deer hair flies sz.20-14 (the pattern is the "speck" aka the irresistible) I have yet to find a great thread for spinning deerhair on smaller flies so I just end up using my standard uni thread. Any "advanced" advice?
  6. WOW. This question has turned up some awesome answers that you all! This has been VERY VERY informative!!!!
  7. Smallest Thread Possible? I have always heard to use the smallest thread possible especially on dries. I use standard 8/0 on most of mine. My question is what size do you typically use, more importantly – do any of you use 12/0 or 14/0? What brand and type? Do you think it helps or makes a difference?
  8. I definitely agree with the more storage advice. I am just limited on space in our small house. I am just trying to maximize the space I have. It looks like their will be 1 "junk" drawer (lines, backing, reels, spare glue, tools etc...) and 1 extra drawer. I just labeled them both as "junk" aka random stuff that always seems to pop up. The back wall is your standard kitchen white. It works extremely well! Thanks for the comments so far! Just trying to think through this before I start laying out and ripping lumber!
  9. So I have decided I am going to build myself a custom fly tying desk. I have a small space dedicated to tying in my pantry. GREAT lighting already in place. I am trying to consider all possibilities and account for as many as possible. I tie flies for trout – dry’s, nymphs and streamers as well as a few smallmouth flies. The drawers in this will be my primary storage – I don’t have or need as many materials as a lot of folks on here. Here is what I was thinking: Junk Drawer #1 Junk Drawer #2 Drawer for Hooks and Beads Drawer for Hackle Capes Drawer of random other feathers Drawer for synthetics Drawer for hair I am going to attempt to customize the drawer depth based on what is going in them. All of my threads/floss and wire hang on a seamstress rack on the wall. And all of my tools fit in my goofy foam tool caddy. I do not use a magnifying glass as of yet but figure I can determine how to mount it to the wall/desk when I cross that bridge. I have a peg board in front of the desk and a book shelf above it. I have the dimensions of the desk already figured out (available space and the height I like to tie at). There is a TON of knowledge and experience on this forum so I ask you - what am I not accounting for or considering? Any thoughts or advice? What do you wish you had that you don't? Thanks everyone!!!
  10. Thats some good info right there. Here in the southern appalachains we dont have any humidity...
  11. will table salt work or do you have to have something fancy?
  12. So there are a number of post about this but I am just wanting to make sure I have tail treatment down correctly (I just got a red fox tail). 1. Flesh it out (get the bone out of it) 2. Wash thoroughly with Dawn dish detergent 3. Allow to dry well and comb out 4. Secure it to a board and apply borax to the flesh side and allow to dry Am I missing anything? Thanks All!
  13. You should give the midge jaws a try. the majority of flies I tie are 14 and smaller. They have worked beautifully all the way up to sz6. I only put the standard jaws on if I am tieing big honking streamers, muskie or bass bugs...
  14. Mine works beautifully. I use the midge jaws more often that not. Have never had an issue with either.
  15. Yeah I was goingt o put the full kit in a checked bag.
  16. Heading to Idaho next week and decided to throw my tying stuff with me... You know, just in case... I think I have a grasp on what I need material wise and equipment wise. Anyone have any advice on flying with materials, equipment etc? Anything I need to think about or consider? Thanks everyone!
  17. This question stems from a parking lot debate, the water was too high to wade and there was an awful big cooler full of beverages. How effective do you consider the stimulator to be? I have friends that swear by it. I understand it can represent a fairly wide variety of adult insects and I have had success with it but I have never found it to be a top 5 dry fly for me. I am just wondering others opinion. Second part, what is your favorite color scheme for it?
  18. Sooooooooooooooo Jealous..... CONGRATS!!!!!
  19. Have any of yall ever used the "gallows" made by Dyna-King? Any feedback?
  20. WOW those barred colors look SWEET!!!! Big thanks for that info!
  21. Forgive me for asking an ignorant question but why go with 2 hackles as opposed to just 1? I understand grizzly is the most popular and for good reason with the contrast it brings. But, what are your feelings just going plain grizzly as opposed to grizz and brown? Or just brown as opposed to brown and ginger? For a parachute pattern do you think you would lose a lot? I know the fish are the final judge but what are your thoughts???
  22. Anyone have a recommendations on a high quality magnifying glass? I am looking for one to aid with the smaller stuff,
  23. Others have you dialed in. Shorten the tail, extend the body. I could not tell if you did or not but learn to tie them using a wire rib to stiffen and further secure the body. Amazing how much it helps durability! One thing to remember, is that first fly perfect? Nope. Will it catch fish? YES!!!!!! Take it fishing!!! For most of us, that is the whole purpose of tying is to catch fish! As you progress, remember to fish the "mess ups" I find it amazing how sometimes they out fish the "textbook" specimens Great Start, Keep it up!
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