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  1. So what is the big deal? We all focus on them, fret over them and argue on - who, what, why, and where on them. My question is, do they really matter? I have been tying a lot of my trout flies in an inverted position trying to focus on what the trout sees as a silhouetted form. I am trying to "thin" my flies as much as possible making the silhouette look more accurate. So my question for some of the sages on here is why bother with wings? From a functional standpoint (not from a historical or traditional aspect) couldn't you just make everything into a para post and hackle it? Do you think trout really notice the difference between a hair wing, a CDC wing a burned wing etc? Or do they simply notice the proportional differences? I am not talking about cripples or spinners or emergers but a true adult fly on top of the water. It would seem to me that a translucent wing upright on the water would be dang near impossible for a trout to see from below due to the fact a trout’s vision has to be distorted past the point of water to atmosphere transition line. So if we think along this line, would it then make sense to tie all emergers (for the sake of this argument, all true dry flies meant to be slightly below the surface 1-2”ish) with some antron type material laid back similar to a cadis to represent non dried out functional wings? Does any of this make sense to anyone else? Anyone got any thoughts or opinions? This is the stuff that keeps me up at night...
  2. So I started tying when I was in 6th grade on a piece of junk beater vise. The years passed, I fell out of fishing for a while and migrated back into the fold. Picked up a Renzetti and learned on it. Great vise but I never liked the “feel” of the metal, the base and the jaws. Tried out a Peak which I liked a lot! Big burly, stable and it actually felt like real metal but it lacked in access to the rear of the fly and access in general on smaller flies. Recently, I got the chance to try out a Dyna King Barracuda with the regular and midge jaws. Cha-Ching! Now I am the proud owner of this vise. It appears to be more of an industry standard type vise but there are very few good reviews on the interweb regarding it. However, I see a lot of other reviews comparing other vises to it which I took as a great sign. So my question is, those of you that are out there and tie on the Barracuda, any advice or tips on it? I do have both the regular and midge jaws. It seems bombproof to me but what do I know! Thanks Everyone!
  3. I think of it this way, go to a creek and check out a bug. Use a magnifying glass if you can. I would be willing to bet 90% of us tie our flies to big and to fluffy, especially dries. Kuddo's if in your tieing you think they might be getting to small!
  4. Anyone ever used these much? I am in the southern appalachains and fish a lot of small streams full of ninja fast rainbow and brook trout. I was thinking about trying out the 102’s this spring and was looking for a little feedback on them. Not to many people seem to use them and was trying to figure out why. FWIW, these are going to be used to tie mostly parachute (CDC) type patterns. Anyone got any feedback on them? Thanks everyone!!!
  5. For Trout, Smallies or Carp - What is your favorite and why?
  6. What do you think separates a beginner from an intermediate fly tier? Quality? Proportion? Speed? Number of patterns, number of varying species you understand well enough to tie? Lets take the question a step further, what makes a beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert tier? What sets each apart? I am not meaning this question from an ego based standpoint, far from it. Rather, I am wondering what some of the folks with massive experience on here see change as folks progress in their tying abilities.
  7. I have just been doing some initial research and thought the folks on here may have some useful ideas and experience. I am looking for a travel fly tying kit. Fishpond makes a good one - http://www.fishpondusa.com/roadtrip.cfm but at $90 it aint cheap. Does anyone have one? Mind doing a brief review of it? I like the smaller size of that model - I see a larger one by Fishpond and Orvis makes one as well. I don’t (think) I would want one that big. I am wanting to take it on trips out west, weekend trips around home and to some classes tying and lying sessions. I don’t think you would need the larger size. I figure some folks have to have come up with some DIY ideas. I have heard about gym bags and tackle boxes but am not really sold on either idea that I have seen so far. Anybody got any homemade jobs they are proud of? Thanks Yall!!!
  8. Hey everyone! Down here in the Southern Appalachians some folks tie "hillbilly specials" aka all native roadkill flies. Had a lengthy discussion today about opossum. Looks like the varying shades on its body should work wonders. I have a couple questions for the masses, 1. Does anybody use it? 2. Do you skin the whole thing and borax it? 3. Dawn and Joy to wash it? 4. Any specific parts of the fur better than others? (belly fur?) Any other thoughts on one of the most prehistoric critters walking the earth today? Thanks everyone!!!
  9. Thanks everyone! Followed it up with a repeat performance today. Got the light installed on my bench this weekend so now it is time for some serious study and to get after it!
  10. I have been reading a number of threads on here about various streamers and streamer fishing. What are your favorite streamers for bigger trout and would you be willing to share your favorite techniques for fishing them? Also and tying advice or techniques would be awesome too! Thanks everyone!
  11. Caught a nice rainbow in the first hole today on a fly I TIED!!!!! That was a super cool experience especially since dad was still gearing up on a rock right beside where I nailed it! Sorry, just had to share!
  12. FWIW, I am an avid life long fisherman but a VERY new tier. I picked up a old (cheap - craigslist) bench this week for $50. An hour worth of sanding, ripped and drilled out cedar 2x4, more sanding then the poly/sand/poly/sand/poly sand sequence and I have a very small, functional bench that will suit my needs for a few years to see a) am I still tying with enthusiasm b)have I out grown my space c)I can build a bench exactly how I want it (since I do not even know the answer to that at this point). PM me if you want to see some pics. Dont know if this helps!
  13. I understand J. Stockard Fly Fishing is a big sponsor here and they have a great site and products! BUT, I am looking to order a number of hooks (getting started tying) in bulk rates at a discount price. I see a lot of references to web sites both here and on other forums but a majority of those links are now dead. Any advice from the sages on here on places to get high quality hooks cheap?
  14. That is a good idea. Like you, I am right handed. I think I would be better served putting all of the spools on both tiers but have them on the left side only with my common use tools on the right side (both tiers). Another option would be to create a wall mount type thread holder. For those of you that tye a fair ammount, how many thread spools (thread, tinsel, wire etc) do you regularly have out? The left side of the desk as a whole will be used for hook, bead, chennile and dubbing storage. I really like the spirit river type containers. Feathers, hackle and hair will be stored underneath in a 3 drawer rubbermaid thingy.
  15. So if this topic is in the wrong place I apologize, moderators please move accordingly. Last night I purchased a bench, a table that I started refinishing and it will hopefully become my labyrinth of trout mayhem. 29 x 17 work space (it has to fit in the pantry). My question for yall is I am going to fabricate a 2 tier step for the back of it. The front step holding 15 pins high enough to hold 2 spools each. The second step will be for my varying tools. As I am a neophyte to tying I was trying to list all of the tools I needed to designate space for and am attempting to place them in order of most commonly used: Head Cement Scissors Bobbin Whip finish Hackle pliers Bobbin 2 Scissors 2 Hackle Pliers 2 Dubbing Spinner Threader Hair Stacker Pick Razor Knife Thread Wax What additions, deletions, corrections would you advise? I have spent considerable time scoping out everyones designs here and on the interweb. I realize i will probably use this setup for a couple of years and then scrap the whole thing in favor of something more specific to my needs. I am only attempting to place myself and setup as far into the learning curve as I can at this point. On a side note, big thanks to utyer for some great insight as to my progression and giving me a bunch of great material to go from. Thanks everyone for your imput!
  16. big thanks to utyer! Got started on a number of the patterns you sent me this am. WOW there is a LOT of material there. Thanks for you advice and instruction. I will work my way through it and post some pictures for yall to butcher. The thread control definitely made a difference after a couple. I even noticed it making a difference with a whip finish. Do you really take head cement and cover/coat the midge? On a side note, the creeks were to high and it was to muggy this am to go fishing but tomorrow I may revisit an old friend and continue my quest to find a 12" southern strain brook trout!
  17. Enjoy your trip up here! +1 For stoppin by DRO. All those guys are top notch. Good food, good beer but you have been misinformed, there are no trout around here outside of the Davidson River. PM me your info and I dont mind to help ya out!
  18. Got the wolly bugger under my belt (will post pics for analysis once I get my camera back) So what should I practice on for my second fly? I dont fish streamers that often and would love it to be something I fish regularly but dont want to get overwhelmed to fast (baby steps). Advice? Stimi? EHC? BHPN? Adams? RWullf?
  19. I don't know if this is acceptable on this forum or not but I don't really care in this case. HELL YEAH MAN!!! Get'n after it! Big time congrats
  20. That's awesome man! I got a background in exercise and nutrition and in a different life worked as a trainer. Anytime you need some help with anything or any new ideas just let me know! That is truly an inspiring thing you are doing. Something you and your family have earned the right to be proud of. Big time congrats!
  21. Howdy everyone! New on here. I have been fishing for 31 years fly fishing for 23 of those. I got started fishing when I could barely stand. I am not species specific - if it pulls, I will fish for it. South Appalachian Brook trout are my favorite. Fist time I ever messed with trying to tie my own flies I think I was 13 or 14. I got good at the infamous woollybugger but never progressed past that. Fast forward to present day, I am fishing twice a week and finally decided to start tying my own. It is most definitely an art and unfortunately, one that I don't think will come easy. I have most all of the tools I need and picked up the Orvis book as a general guide. As I am sure I will be asking a ton of questions, I thought I ought to introduce myself and say hi. Thanks in advance for all of your help! Forums like this one are amazing resources! -lostnwilderness
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