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  1. Looks like a Timber Rattlesnake. Shame to see it dead, unless you're planning to utilize skin and meat.
  2. What? Did it just fly into the fridge and dress itself out? πŸ˜‰ You posted that like you DIDN'T know it would be there!
  3. Pretty fish. Beautiful stream. Good looking fly.
  4. That's some impressive driving. Even though I'm not into RC stuff, I have to admit, I am watching this thinking, "That looks like fun." It's Halloween season. You should look for some size appropriate skeletons and skulls to lay about that landscape. Show what happens to less experienced drivers who attempt that course !!!
  5. Mo' powahhh !!! It's all about the POWAAAAHHH !!!
  6. mikechell

    My new shop

    1st ... Poopdeck. I have no illusions that I'll ever be financially "well off" with my woodworking, but I will offer things like wands, bowls, cat furniture, etc. for sale. Once my shop is up and I have room to work, I'll be doing some wood stabilizing, making knife handles and such. I'll be refining my cabinetry skills, so I can make sale worthy boxes, cabinets, jewelry cases, etc. I like working with wood, always have. Just never had a place big enough to do it in depth. But, all that said ... I didn't actually set out to make these wands. I set up my new (to me) lathe and was just playing with tools. Shaping the handles was just a side effect of that. Once I had one shaped, it downed on me, "I could use that to make a wand !!!" And the first 3 wands happened. It's almost like ... magic !!! Steve, as soon as the stand is done, there will be a wand on it's way. Already planned on sending the first one to you. As far as gloves! Nope, never gonna happen ... again. First, I was brought up with the warning, "No gloves, loose clothing, or cloth rags near rotating machinery!" One of my jobs just after high school, I worked for a "decorative chrome plating" company. In other words, we only did shiny stuff, no "industrial strength" stuff. Everything was polished to a high shine BEFORE it went through the platings. We used cloth buffing wheels, and the grits were glued on with animal hide glue. You wore head to toe covering clothes and face shield, etc. You applied a layer of grease to the grit wheel every few minutes while polishing, and that sprayed black goo all over everything. BUT, one day, I was suddenly snatched into the wheel ... or my hand was, anyway. I just KNEW my thumb had been ripped off, but I was clamping down on it with my other hand, afraid to look and confirm. I got lucky. The wheel had ripped the thumb off the glove, but spared MY thumb. It was bruised for weeks, but I retained full use. So, back to my upbringing. NO gloves, loos clothing or cloth rags near rotating machinery !!!
  7. mikechell

    Weekend goals??

    I don't set "goals" for weekends. I have to deal with "goals" at work way too much. "Goals" is a "Wash-Your-Mouth-Out-With-Soap" word in my house! I try to get the mowing done as soon as I can ... Friday after work, if possible. That frees up the rest of the weekend so I can do whatever strikes my interest at the moment. This weekend: I got the yard done Friday! Got the laundry done Friday, too! Yea! I finished my third wand. Rigged up a sharpening system for lathe tools. Started working on a display stand for one of the wands. <Don't tell Steve, but I'm sending it to him for his theater room!> Got too much of my current novel read. I'll be needing to buy some more reading material sooner than I expected, at this rate. I'm finishing up the weekend sitting on my tuchus messing with the laptop.
  8. Yeah, there's definitely a difference. As I stated before, I cut my fingernails with scissors. TO do my right hand, I have to (Obviously) hold the scissors in my left hand. I have to: Reverse my "attack angle", so the outside edge is cutting down. If I go at it from the easier side, the outside edge is cutting up, and more likely to bend the nail rather than cut it. Reverse the force applied to the scissors with my finger and thumb. As cphubert stated, you naturally force (push) the scissor's cutting edges together. Using the scissors in the left hand, you have to "pull" on the scissor handles to force them together. With easy to cut materials, and good, sharp scissors ... this effect isn't as noticeable. With harder to cut materials (finger nails, GSP thread, plastic sheet) it becomes much more pronounced and irritating. The only other fly tying tool I can think of that IS right hand friendly, is the Thompson Whip Finisher. But then, I don't know anyone who uses one anymore. I tried teaching some people at a fly tying meeting how to use one ... and they all gave up after just a few minutes.
  9. There's only two reason I know of that a Ground Hog (A.K.A. Woodchuck) would chase someone. Rabies or babies. I'm guessing there must've been some little Ground Piglets (Ground Chucklets?) around for it to go after you like that. I got to admit ... I didn't think I'd get a better laugh than the weird eyed fly, but I was wrong. Thank you for the icing on my day!
  10. I cut my nails with scissors. Using regular scissors with my left hand (to cut my right nails) is problematic, at best. It'd be interesting to see how quickly I'd learn to use left hand scissors with my left hand. You might check with nail salons for interest, too. strictly as an FYI warning. As long as this thread is just about information, it stands. You aren't allowed to advertise or sell on this site until you've posted 40 times or more. This thread would be deleted immediately upon any attempts to sell prior to 40 posts.
  11. Nope, I've never put the eyes on like that. Funny, though! As you said, it'll still cast and draw strikes, no doubt. I'm thinking the cold fronts are killing and crippling shad every night. I'm sure the predators are keying in on jerking, dying (sideways sinking) shad and menhaden ... so that might actually draw MORE strikes than a correctly eyed lure.
  12. mikechell

    My new shop

    Another partial video. This time, I got the wand part on video, but the handle turning was already finished.
  13. Welcome to the site, John. There's plenty of inspiration and assistance on display here. You've got several months of Winter to tie up a few boxes full of flies. Looking forward to some pictures of yours.
  14. Very pretty fish. That last picture is one of the ugliest things I've ever seen. Almost as bad as those sewage spill photos that show up every once in a while.
  15. Pretty place, denduke. Sucks when you get hung up on a rock like that!πŸ˜‰
  16. 😏 It looks like ... πŸ˜… ... SNOW! 🀣 It's 9:00pm ... and we still have the A/C on!
  17. Very nicely done fabrication, Steve. Impressive.
  18. It's amazing! You can't even tell the ATV is under there in that first picture.
  19. Yep ... can hardly wait to see it finished!
  20. You need to get a kayak with an electric motor on it. I hear JSzymczyk loves that kind of set up !!!
  21. Geeze! I get a splinter in my pinky working in the yard and I'm done for. It ruins the rest of that day and makes me less likely to get back out there after it heals, a day or so later. You're on the other end of that spectrum and have only gotten MORE active since getting a proverbial tree sized splinter! I'm happy to see your post, Alan. I know it's a clichΓ© statement, but it definitely fits you ... "Keep fighting the good fight!"
  22. I didn't realize you're tying such small flies. I'm thinking of the big salt water stuff you do, and those little blister packs wouldn't do.
  23. Looks like a healthy fish, even if it wasn't a saladless PB.
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