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  1. If I didn't have a bag of fillets in the freezer already, those would've all been kept!
  2. Look up SBPatt's "Carnage" flies (in the SBS forum) for a way to do excellent foam, tapered abdomens.
  3. Are there only two positions to choose from? Looks like you could pick a position with the best angles for both your fingers and the thread by just lowering it a fraction. I am not familiar with the problem or the solution, just observing your pictures.
  4. I made the same mistake, several decades ago. I'm not quite old enough to have started tying with saber toothed deer hair ... but close.
  5. There are some GOOD videos on YouTube. Check out the "FTF Videos" at the bottom of the first section. If you search through the videos, there are a couple good ones on here.
  6. Fish 'em quick! Like you said, that rubber/elastic deteriorates quickly.
  7. I know nothing about the vise you're questioning. BUT ... welcome to the site !!!
  8. Some nice RedEars! Without the red ear ... interesting. Good fighting fish, always fun to catch and I bet the fiberglass rod was even ... funner!
  9. I was beginning to think I'd never find good numbers of fish. This morning was a good one, though.
  10. In my opinion ... Looks perfect for fishing. Way too irregular (amateurish) to ask money for.
  11. Welcome to the site, Packgoat. But your pictures are ... HEIC files? that my computer can't recognize. If you can change them to JPEGs ... we'll be able to see them.
  12. Nice set up. Glad to see it went to someone who would truly use it!
  13. There is ... but you have to take the hooks off the lure.
  14. Considering bass get hooked through a ball of soft plastic in their mouth, I think you'll be safe with that mesh, Denduke.
  15. Nice looking pairing. <Every single place that rod went, had guards keeping me from getting it.> Oops! Did I type that out loud?
  16. I believe the taxidermist YOU'RE looking for is "Tom Thumb". Pretty little guy, though. 😄
  17. I disagree. Nothing wrong with a nice, clean work area! If it still looks like that, DF ... More power to you !!!
  18. Wasn't there a song about you and this rod, Mad Duck? Oh yeah, Carly Simon's "Anticipation!"
  19. Those Brook Trout really are beautiful.
  20. My position to the fly has me looking more downward than most, I guess. The only thing I see behind the fly is table top. But I do tend to keep that part of the table clear, so I guess it could be considered a backdrop like your paper.
  21. Just couldn't bring myself to delete the photo. (for brevity or any other reason) This is the prettiest dream catcher I've ever seen. Close enough, anyway. Might not be a complete dream catcher, but there are plenty of dreams in each of those streamers !!!
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