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    Ground Moles

    And I'll bet he didn't even get the critter. It headed out as soon as it smelled the gasoline.
  2. As Niveker said, these monthly fly threads are for ALL members to post their flies. A while back, some people were taking critiques of their flies personally, and the rules were changed a little. Now, if you want criticism of your efforts, ask and ye shall receive. But please, DO post your monthly tied flies. We can't all be professional tiers and photographers, but many of the members seem to be both. I'm neither.
  3. Aw, look ... they even form a little heart shape while they're doing it. Yes, I threw up a little in my mouth typing that. And I'll relinquish my man-card for 24 hours for even noticing it.
  4. Of all the people on this site to have an issue with thread, you're the last one I'd expect. But your issue, indeed, would only be noticed by one who has exceptional skill and experience. The differences you're noticing might be the same kind of reason sugar went from 5 pound bags to 4 pound bags while keeping the price the same. The quality and supply that Veevus gets aren't the same, and the end product that you get feels off. If I had the same question, you are one of the current members I'd go to for an answer, so I definitely can't give you an answer. Also, I started tying using sewing thread, and still use it on some of my flies. All of my tying threads were purchased on sales or because I wanted a specific color ... not by brand. Good luck with whatever choice you make.
  5. That's a nice rod. I like the contrast.
  6. Yeah ... it worked wonderfully! Unlike me original rider, this one has the wheels on the deck to protect against scalping the grass. Well, not only does it do that job, but it creates a perfectly even cut. Our lawn looked ... smooth! Looked, I typed, because that was Sunday and it's well on it's way to needed cut again. Still, I'll take 11 months of cutting grass to your 9 months of shoveling snow, Mark.
  7. Well done with that destroyed electric fence !!!
  8. That explains the red smudges. I was wondering about those.
  9. Thank you Poopdeck! Niveker ... based on the round edge of the blades, I'd guess he didn't take care of anything. I'm guessing he'd bounce right over curbs, etc. So, yeah, Evel Knievel type stuff. 😄
  10. Welcome to the site. As long as no money is changing hands, we can allow this. But you're not allowed to sell on this site without first participating with at least 30 posts.
  11. I've always put my vise and materials in my baggage. With 20+ years of dozen(s) of flights a year, I've never had my baggage messed with. I've had it inspected a couple of times, but always with a note in the bag and nothing missing. I've never had $1000.00 worth of tying vises, but I have checked a couple thousand dollars worth of test equipment before. I never tried to take the tying gear as carry on, as my regular carry on was a computer bag with two computers, etc.
  12. We were just watching Jurassic Park today! Glad you had a good "vacation" and happy to see you're back at it.
  13. Great use of the re-bar for cattails.
  14. I got a piece of stainless and some bolts and nuts for $10.00 from a surplus store. Cut out the appropriate pieces. Bolted them in place and drove the mower around for a while. It was too wet from 1.6 inches of rain to mow, so I'm only 90% sure it'll work.
  15. Thanks for the replies. I'll answer some of them, but I'll start with flytire. I'm sure those ear muffs work well. However, last time I wore mine (old ones from the military), they started ... tickling. I actually had pools of sweat flow out when I took them off. I little disgusting and somewhat uncomfortable. I realize I'll never be able to mow without earing protection and I do have earplugs in all the time. But even with, it's just more noise than I'd like to deal with. Steve, I am fully aware of the engine noises created by air-cooled engines. Remember, motorcycle and marine engines are what I teach every day. As I said above, I know I won't be able to completely eliminate the noise ... but I would like to attenuate it by 50% if I can. Poopdeck ... absolutely, I am checking, cleaning and rechecking everything I can with the deck off. So far, I am quite impressed with all the items.
  16. First, let me say ... I bought a great looking used mower this morning, a Craftsman 24 Hp rider, for $200.00. The owner's complaint was that the drive belt wouldn't stay on. Got it home, started playing with it and found: Rear axle mounts are destroyed. Since they're part of the frame, I can't "replace them. I'll be stopping by a couple of scrap metal places tomorrow, to see if I can find some heavy machinery brackets I can adapt into these areas. I think it'll be a fairly easy fix, if I can find the metal I need. But, I have a question for y'all. Has anyone found a way to replace lawn mower mufflers with something that actually MUFFLES ??? I know the main purpose of L.M. mufflers is to arrest sparks, not to quiet the exhaust ... but I'm so tired of how loud these tractors are. I'm thinking of getting some motorcycle mufflers and ... well, it's a thought. Any of you done this or something better, to quiet a lawn mower?
  17. When you "feel" it'll be good to go home, you either had a terrible trip, or a great trip that wore you out. Glad to hear this one was the latter.
  18. flyminaj ... those are what I call beautiful fish!
  19. Good news, in today's world, is rare. This is a great story for a happy ending. Thank you for the follow-up information.
  20. I heard that camels can "growl/snort". Maybe it was a camel? 😄
  21. Admin, Mark, yes ... but also bulk I would think. My company used to contract me out to another company teach their dealership courses. I'm not saying the names, just to be "legal". The company I taught for is FedEx's largest customer, shipping more in one year than most do in 4. Because of that, their shipping charges were ... ridiculously low. I.E. shipping a "Pelican" brand tool case cost us $120.00 with UPS on average, when we're doing government classes. When we taught dealer classes, we used their FedEx account and paid $26.00 for the same box. UPS is less expensive that FedEx, so I don't know what the actual savings are. So, I assume this "pirate ship" company has worked out a bulk rate deal with USPS.
  22. Big Bang !!! Love it, and the spinoff Young Sheldon. A good way to put your feet up for an evening. Me? I'm going to bed!
  23. Welcome back TIER. Nice Grayling!
  24. This trip will be the bar for every trip after this! It's good to see you having a good time, Steve. How did the motel owner like his new rod?
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