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  1. On 8/7/2022 at 12:03 PM, Mark Knapp said:

    We don't use any cleats because we use a lot of rubber boats here. It's against the law to use felt because of fear of spreading invasive species. Those are the only two drawbacks to living in Alaska that I can think of. ( Mike Chell). We have calks we can slip over regular waders when we are wading.


    Oh ... I can think of hundreds more !!!


  2. Welcome to the site, BillD58.  There are no stupid questions.  There ARE inappropriate questions, like asking spaghetti sauce recipes on a top water popper thread.  But even that wouldn't be a "stupid" question if you truly wanted an answer.  So please, ask anything.

    I've been through Mass.  But haven't spent any "quality time" there.  Looking forward to your flies and the fish caught with them!!!

  3. It's not a matter of "desperate" ... but I'm not going to stay off the water just because some species or another is in spawning mode.  I still have to work for a living, so my days available for fishing are limited.  I'm going fishing when I get the chance.  I don't "target" bedding fish, but as I said before, I'm not going to avoid them either.

  4. Good luck to all of you ... especially you, vicrider, since you started this thread.  I'm taking the residual maintenance meds since my heart operation.  My blood numbers keep coming up good with "bad" numbers falling every test.  So far, diabetes hasn't been mentioned.

  5. I've got two.  An old one from the military I wish I'd never gotten.  I got it while stationed at an Air Force base ... and one driving force for getting it ... I figured it would start a fight or more.  Didn't.  Once they lost my loyalty by "laying me off" in a reduction of force bulls##t after the first gulf war, I almost got it removed ... but I couldn't afford it.

    I've got a dragon on my chest that I wish I'd never gotten.  Got it in London.  It's never been sunburnt, but the colors have blended and it's hard to tell what it is at this point.

    Had I the knowledge then that I have now, I would not have gotten any tattoos.

    It's a personal decision Steve.  If you feel the need/desire/want to get a tattoo, consider it very carefully. 

    1)  Why?  What's the purpose/message you wish to convey?  Do you want to declare your patriotism for the patriotism, or to piss off "non-patriots"?

    2)  When do you want it seen?  If it's for others to see, or for you to see, it needs to be done on different areas of the skin.  I once got into a fight on a Navy ship when I questioned a sailor why he had a beautifully done nude woman on his back.  His reply, "I liked the picture and wanted it on me."  I said, "You can't see it on your back.  The only reason to have that on your back is so your buddy has something to look at while he's pile driving your a---  (That's when the fight started)

    3)  Jennie has a one, and she wishes she hadn't because it's also blended to the point of unrecognizability.   She says, Have a T-shirt made.  It's cheaper, less painful and you can always get another one with a new message when you tire of the original.

    4)  And yes, they are painful.  Obviously, it's survivable.  As stated above, it's worse in areas of less fat/flesh.  Take a small pin and just lightly poke yourself is various areas.  Now, imagine hundreds and thousands of those pinpricks.  Tattoo needles need to penetrate about 1/16th of an inch.  Then there's the healing time of salves and clingfilm wraps, etc.   If you're going to do it, put some serious thought into it first.

  6. Your opinion, my opinion, their opinions.   We all have them, and everyone thinks the only one that is right is their own.  Just because many people have similar opinions doesn't make THAT the ethical behavior.   That way of thinking has led to almost every war in history.

    Bed fishing isn't listed on this site.


    My point is that catch-n-release fishing COULD be considered torture to the fish you catch.  In fact, it IS considered torture to a large portion of the populace who follow PETA, Greenpeace or "BlackFish".  To say that it's ethical but catching fish off the bed isn't is a rationalization to suit ones own feelings of right and wrong.

    Again, let me iterate, all the above comments are MY own opinion, not a denigration of anyone else's opinions.


  7. For me, wrapping away from yourself across the top allows for an easier trapping of materials.  I've tried both directions, because I thought seeing the material I am tying on while trapping it under thread would be better.  It wasn't, for me.  I can say that both directions are easy for me.  I've come off of figure 8s on eyes and realized I'm wrapping the "wrong" way.  Had to unwrap back to the eyes so I could continue wrapping clockwise.

  8. Okay ... first and foremost ... HOLY MOLY and WOW !!!  That's fantastic !!!  I really mean it.

    But, one ... oops?  Where are the kids in the upside-down car?  He was trying to lead the T-rex away because it was going after them, no?  Honestly, it's been so long since I've seen it, I don't remember when they actually got out of the vehicle.  But I'm pretty sure it was turned over and they were getting muddy.

  9. Females remain on or near the nest for much shorter times than males, typically less than 2 hours. It takes 10 to 11 days for eggs to hatch and grow into fry and subsequently disperse from the nest (Carr 1942).

    If you're catching BIG females off the bed, they probably haven't laid yet.  If they are treated well, they will return to the nest and lay after they've been released. 

    I'm truly not trying to disparage anyone's opinion, but all this talk of "unethical" behavior ... well, it's laughable.  There wouldn't be any catch and release angling if ethics was foremost in anyone's mind.  Hooking a fish in the mouth (sometimes gills etc.) playing it until it's exhausted, hoisting it out of the water ... is any of this "ethical" behavior?  Ask PETA people and you'll get a resounding NO.

    I fish for fun, mostly.  I fish for what ever will hit my fly.  I'm sure fish have died after I've released them.  I don't particularly care.  I try to release them as "unharmed" as possible, but I'm not fooling myself by believing that anything I do is the "ethical" thing to do.  Fishing is unethical.  So taking the occasional fish off a bed is only more of the same.

  10. As an example ... this is a BPS Sticko soft plastic stick bait.


    This is the BPS Ribbon tail worm.


    When I'm bass fishing, these are my top two soft plastic lures.  I put a weight on the ribbon tail, none on the sticko.  I also fish both of them slower than anyone else I know, personally.  The main difference is, I might let the ribbon tail sit for several minutes.  I only let the sticko sit for 30 seconds, max.  Why?  Because the ribbon tail has it's own motion, even while sitting on the bottom.  Any little current, even the pressure waves of an approaching predator, will cause the tail to move.  So, I don't have to "work it".  The sticko is dead, unless I impart motion, so I work it slightly faster.

    I have the same phylosophy on flies.  If I intend on working them quickly, then they don't need legs, etc. 

    Aug 2017 Panfish Attractors (1).JPG

    If I intend of letting them sit, then I put legs on them.

    Aug 2017 flip flop poppers (2).JPG

    I don't tie nymphs, so I don't know if that approach applies, but it seems to work for me.

  11. That's my kind of fishing, DFoster.

    Yes, Poopdeck.  A 10 pound dumbell.  Much cheaper than an anchor of the same weight.  Lower profile on the deck so I can keep it handy without it being in the way.  And it holds the boat in place where I fish.  Probably wouldn't be very effective in fast current rivers, but I don't have anything like that near me.

  12. Prototype cat "tree".  It's mostly scrap plywood left over from converting to roll down hurricane shutters.  Unfortunately, no room in our house, so we'll see if someone buys it.  Not offering it for sale here ... just some background info for the pictures.










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