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  1. 😃 He's building a diorama of people being eaten by a dinosaur ... and he's building an arsenal of accurate weapons. I don't think we're giving him any ideas he doesn't already harbor. 😁
  2. This is from a couple of weeks ago. I've got a week of vacation, so I'm hoping to get into some bigger fish this week.
  3. If only your theater room had a window ... that'd be a perfect sniper rifle !!!
  4. Looking forward to the quality report, Patriot.
  5. Pretty Crappie, Squeezy! Congrats on catching it on your own tie.
  6. Your problem might not be the thread, but the fact that you wrapped the thread over black thread. The red thread didn't lose its color, it became translucent and let the black show through. More layers of red thread, or maybe a layer of white thread before the red, should prevent the red from looking duller after finish is applied.
  7. It totally depends on the water I'm fishing. If it's heavily pressured water, with lots of anglers spooking fish on bed, then I'm against it. You've got to blame the smaller numbers and sizes on something, and over fishing is a good possibility. If I'm on water that rarely sees dedicated anglers (and there's a surprising number of places like that here in Florida), then I'm not going to stop fishing just because the fish happen to be on beds. I am positive we only see a small percentage of the beds in the water, so I doubt we're putting a serious dent in the populations.
  8. Nice job of welding and wood work.
  9. Clever. I'm never wearing green when I tie again.
  10. A very Happy Birthday to this site !!! Thank you, Will, for starting it and for keeping it going all this time.
  11. Duct tape and cheap binoculars. 😄
  12. mikechell

    Ground Moles

    Every once in a while one of the the cats will catch a mole or a vole. I know owls are supposed to eat them, but nothing in or near our yard does. The vultures will come in when I have to kill a raccoon, or a squirrel gets hit by a car ... but they won't bother landing for a mole or a vole. I don't worry about them. Though our yard is green, it's just natural grasses and the mole hills and tunnels don't seem to have any effect.
  13. When I was 19, I moved to South Carolina. Had some friends there that put me up until I found a place. The place I worked at was full of crazy southern people, and a group of them took me "grabblin'". (The local term for "noodling") 5 of us in a large flat bottom boat. At the first two stops, one of them would get into the water and reach down into a spot ... wiggle there fingers into the cavity until the catfish bit down ... grab hold and pull the fish out. First one just got tossed into the boat. Second one was larger, and the "angler" hooked it to a short piece of rope with a 8/0 or 9/0 hook. Huge frikkin hook! Used that to tire the fish a little and then pull it into the boat. Then it was my turn. Tied the rope and hook to myself (just in case), then went into the water. The cat I got was only about 20 inches long, so I didn't have to hook it, but it drew blood as its teeth sandpapered my hand while I was getting it out of the hole and into the boat. It was only after I'd caught that fish that I noticed that every single guy in that boat except me was missing the end of at least one finger. That's when I found out that snappers sometimes go into those crevasses as they dive to hide from approaching boats. And that those snappers, if large enough, can bite through the joint if they get "lucky" and the angler isn't. They all showed me multiple scars where the snappers bit on bone instead of joints. I didn't bother going after any more catfish on that trip ... and never went grabblin' again, either. I'm 99.9% sure that neither bigfoot nor yeti exist ... but I can vouch that noodling/grabbling and losing digits to snappers is a real situation.
  14. Appears that you're getting another group of customers with extremely good taste in rod wrap colors!
  15. I like mine, too, Rich. I don't know anything about the school or sports teams etc., but I do know that I like the colors on that rod !!!
  16. No question of which one I like more !!!
  17. I'm an amateur herpetologist. I've been a resident of Central Florida since 1992. In all that time, I have only seen one Cottonmouth (Water Moccasin). I've seen a lot of Green and Brown Water Snakes, which get large and look like the Cottonmouth. I saw more Cottonmouth Snakes in North Carolina while fishing near Cherry Point and Camp Lejeune than I've seen in any other part of the country. Here, in Florida, I've had many people call on me to remove a Cottonmouth from their property only to find some kind of non-venomous snake there. While I would not say that the danger isn't present at all ... I'd be very surprised if a casual visitor, fishing in common populated areas, would ever see an actual Cottonmouth.
  18. You might never buy a production rod again. Steve does an excellent job at a VERY fair price. The four rods I've got from him are all that's been on my boat for the last several trips out.
  19. Never tried fishing with one. I don't have any hooks large enough to tie a mimic, either!
  20. The above grasshopper pictures are funny. BUT ... this Lubber was on our back door. Second one we've seen and killed. For scale, from the tip of my index finger to the skin at the thumb joint is just shy of 6". Most animals won't eat them, since they accumulate foul tasting chemicals from the plants they eat. Shrikes will kill them, impale them on a spike/thorn and wait a few days for them to "age" ... then eat them.
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