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  1. Received my set of flies - nice! Thanks atroutbum2
  2. I mailed my flies this morning.
  3. Please PM your address - I plan to sent them tomorrow if I get the address. zonker-clouser hybrid.
  4. Hope you are not getting too worried. I've been busy and had trouble getting the materials I wanted (nearest fly shop is an hour away). Will be sending in smallmouth tubes (of a sort).
  5. I am sending in Milty's flies along with mine. Send the 2 sets back together in the mailer to me. Thanks. Put them in the mail this morning. Hendrickson dark nymph and dark wet fly.
  6. Kevin: Milty helped me distribute the flies out for each tyer. Every time he did another set and came to your fly, he would say 'that sure is a nice looking fly'. He liked some of the others too, but I think your fly really impressed him. Of course, about the only flies he's seen are the ones I have tied. He started tying late last summer...his cracklebacks are nice flies. I mailed them out this morning....so they should show up around the end of the week.
  7. Flies are packaged up.....and will be sent out tomorrow. As you can see by the pictures, they really are a nice set of flies. Several of you sent an extra fly for me. Thank you very much. The swapmeister always appreciates that. If I have 2 of any pattern the second one goes into one of my fly boxes and will definitely get fished. If I only have one, I hold it back till I make one like it to use. By the way, if you fish one of these patterns and the fish really like it, report that back to the forum. And the daylight is getting longer every day.
  8. One set of flies did not come in. I think it is time to get some flies in the mail. I will be packaging them up tomorrow. I tied an extra set for tynpal so you will each get 10 flies - but 2 will be flies that I tied. Feathers: Send in tynpal's flies and I will send you the set I am holding for her. I'd really like her first swap to be good experience.
  9. I have light Hendrickson wet flies done and I think Milty is done too. We will send both sets in together. I have your address from a previous swap.
  10. I know you are all anxious to get your flies....they are a nice set. We have one set of flies still to come in - I sent a pm last week but have not gotten a reply. They were sent once but returned to sender for some reason. I'll give it till the end of the week.
  11. I think I'm too late for this one.... If not, let me know. Kschu - I talked to you on Sat. (I'm an central IL ISA member) Did you see the foam that stretches (Bill from PA) and was being made into helgramites? If so, what did you think of those flies. I got the foam and chenile and made a couple...we'll see how they work.
  12. Klien8904's WD40 in size 26: http://www.flytyingforum.com/uploads/galle...01af633d0ac.jpg I believe these should catch fish!
  13. Eric - received your WD40s yesterday. Good job! We have only one set left to get in.
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