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    Scud life cycle?

    Thanks Taxon for the info. Looks like fishinwrench has a pretty solid plan of attack.
  2. sore arm.... I will update the status to 'sent to jim'. I should be looking at them by the end of the week!
  3. luvinbluegills - I can understand where you are coming from....I can be in my good clothes and stop by any one of several ponds and catch a few bluegills and small bass - completely gets rid of the day's stress in half an hour (usually a solunar period). But to go after smallmouths, I have to have more than 30 minutes and even though the creek is only 1/2 mile away, I know there will be some hiking, getting wet over my knees, and some stinging nettles to get to any spot that isn't hit 5 times a day. So for me, smallmouths take a definite commitment.....you just got to make it....at least a couple times a month.
  4. Several times a year I fish the Taneycomo river in Missouri (Branson) for trout and one of their main food sources is scuds (not many hatches there other than midges). Quite a few people have them in their aquariums to watch....... Does anyone know when they lay eggs and when they shed their shells - is it tied to moon phases, length of days, water temp or ??? Also - when their shell if first shed, the new shell is very light but is the color that their shells take on tied to the color of the bottom (colors used may be light grey /dark grey /charcoal /olive /brown)?
  5. OK Mark....looks like you are gettin in the tyin groove. I'll update my original post with 'steelhead Red Ant'.
  6. Rick, I will be looking forward to seeing your Royal Trudes......got plenty of time still to get them just the way you want them. I had trouble seeing when I tied too. So I use 1.5 power reading glasses (can be bought for $2 at the dollar store or $10 at wallmart) for down to size 16 flies and for flies smaller than that I use 3 power glasses - it makes all the difference in the world. To tie good flies a tyer needs to be able to see every thread wrap as it is made. A friend of mine doesn't like the glasses and uses a big magnifying lens/light combination and likes that. Something else that helps is to have a solid uncluttered background behind the fly. I use a piece of white, light green, or grey posterboard under and behind my vise. I really like participating in swaps. It helps me concentrate on trying to make my flies better. Normally, my flies don't have to be too great - they catch fish and usually get lost in tree or rock before they get much age on them anyway and then I just tie more... But as I progress to more difficult flies, it becomes important to have each step well done or the end result becomes impossible (kinda like building a house with the foundation not level or square).
  7. Everyone should have received my PM with my address and the directions for sending in your flies..... If not, please let me know. If there is anything you don't understand in the PM be sure to let me know.
  8. Milty, good job. Now comes the hard part - waiting to see what everyone elses flies look like. Looks like I need to PM my address to everyone.... it will be on the way in an hour or so.....
  9. I agree with SD. Having taught people from age 5 to 80 to tie, I have to ask any critic to walk a mile in the other person's shoes. Some people can try the same step 20 times and still not get it right. If the thread is at the front of the head position when material is tied off, the head will always be poor at best.....(but how many books tell exactly where the thread should be for each step?) Unfortunately it doesn't dawn on them that this is the reason for their problem. Quite a few flies have points of no return. Once you get there you can't go back (material has been cut off) so the only thing is to go ahead and finish the fly.... if it is good enough fish it....if not cut it up. When my wife was in 4H sewing as a girl, she took out the zipper of her dress so many times there was finally no material left and couldn't sew it back in again. She didn't sew much after that......wonder why?
  10. Feathers and niece _____ : You need to come up with a handle for that young lady - everyone is going to want to know who made the cahill that's catching all those trout. Maybe you could have a contest for best name suggestion..... I kinda like kitn - from your picture or maybe tynpal. I have a feeling that we are going to have a pretty impressive swap.....I even have a new camera so I can post pictures.
  11. feathers - You betcha she can. She's in and I am looking forward to seeing those cahills.. My great niece likes to tie too...last year she came to visit and pulled out a bag of white fur to make a fly. It was from her cat ... it made a pretty good fly.
  12. jkr: Super! I am looking forward to seeing it and better yet - trying it out.
  13. Sore arm & Milty: Great to have you both in our swap. Sore arm, if you don't have enough olive for 10, if you tie one olive and the rest a different color, I will see that swinks1966 gets the olive.. Hey this swap is almost full....... 1 spot left - so somebody jump in.
  14. jkr and Klein8904 you are both in the swap. Glad to have you join. Eric, I have used wd40s under a tan scud at Branson and the brown trout really key in on them. The wd40s catch fish - it will be a nice addition to our swap. There are 3 spots left in the swap....
  15. Joe - you're in our swap. That brings the total to 6 with 5 spots still open.
  16. I have ice fished for the last 35 years. Been fishing here in Cent. Illinois We had a few ponds freeze over pretty good but others had ice over 3/4 of them. My question to you ice fishermen: Have you noticed that as long as a lake or pond is only partly frozen that the ice fishing is lousy? A couple years ago a 300 acre lake near here was frozen with 75 acres kept open by the geese and wind. A couple days later it was frozen with only 5 acres still open. We fished at the edge of the 75 acre area and the channels went crazy. We each caught over 20 over 3 lbs each and another 50 under that. Then about a week later we went again and that spot didn't yield anything. My theory is that the goose crap draws all the fish and when the lake froze up so we could fish the edge of the previously open area, the cats were still there looking for food but then they moved on out to the open area during the next week. Anybody run into anything like this?
  17. ruggerboy18: Welcome - You are in the swap... When you decide what pattern you are tying, let me know. If it is one of your own patterns or adaptations. you can name it what you want (like The Ruggie Woolie or Rugger Bugger if it is a woolie bugger pattern). Fllies will be due Feb 1. I'll send each of you my address around Jan 18. By then the swap will be closed and we will know exactly how many flies you need to send. jim
  18. Thanks for joining Rick. You can do anything you want for this swap. For this one the purpose is to get people involved so they can see other people's work and also improve their own flies. There are some very talented tyers in this forum and you will get to see lots of great ideas and styles. Personally I like to get flies that catch fish. There are lots of patterns out there that don't do a very good job (almost anything can work at times if the size, color, presentation, or some other triggering property is right. Once in a while anything - even a bare hook will catch a fish. I have made up quite a few that are pretty much failures. So the flies that I submit are ones I have done pretty good with under various conditions. When I get flies back in a swap, I ususally pick out several and tie a couple of each and then try them. For me, it helps to hear when and how to use the patterns people submit along with the recipe and how good they have worked.
  19. KevinP - Check and let me know for sure. I hope you can be in this one.
  20. Hope everyone gets a chance to use these flies (I think even the bunnies would probably work for salt water too) or at least get a new idea or two to use in your tying. jim
  21. This swap is closed.... The flies are packaged up and will be sent out tomorrow.. Click on the links below to see the new tyers swap flies - Milty's crackleback: http://www.flytyingforum.com/uploads/galle...e1759d0ea6d.jpg VARick's beadhead bugger: http://www.flytyingforum.com/uploads/galle...e17b568d9af.jpg mrjim's deer hair alder fly: http://www.flytyingforum.com/uploads/galle...e17cf804e35.jpg sore arm's olive pheasant tail nymph: http://www.flytyingforum.com/uploads/galle...e1774c8b2a4.jpg Mark Vickers steelhead red ant: http://www.flytyingforum.com/uploads/galle...e707a038284.jpg ruggerboy's bubble head midge: http://www.flytyingforum.com/uploads/galle...e9896a8b2a5.jpg KevinP's royal trude: http://www.flytyingforum.com/uploads/galle...eef323c5c27.jpg Swinks1966 foam hopper: http://www.flytyingforum.com/uploads/galle...eef4cb07546.jpg jkr's Bandit: http://www.flytyingforum.com/uploads/galle...eef4155f392.jpg Klein8904's WD40: http://www.flytyingforum.com/uploads/galle...01af633d0ac.jpg Here were my rules for this swap: 10 tyers + me will be the maximum number. 10 of your flies (any pattern) are to be done and sent to me by Feb 1. Anyone can join but this one is especially for the tyers who haven't had a lot of experience or are new to this site. Any fly pattern is ok - a good idea is to do one that you have tied before and caught fish on. The goal is to encourage you to take part and work on improving your tying too. To get included in the swap, here's what you do: Click on the 'send reply' button below and let me know you want in this swap - you can also tell what the name of the fly is and what species of fish to use it on. Then tie up 10 of your fly pattern pretty good (don't try some exotic thing you find in a book) . If you notice that fly number 4 through 10 are quite a bit better than the first 2 or 3. Cut up the poor ones and retie them. Try to get 10 good ones that you can be proud of (they don't have to be perfect). Make some small slips of paper with your fly's name and your handle on them (called toe tags) - then hook one on each fly so we will know who they are from. Check OSD's rules for fly swaps Pinned: Rules and Policies of FTF Swaps Get them sent in to me by Feb 1 - I will send you a personal message with my address around Jan 15 so you know where to send them. Keep us posted on any questions or concerns you have by using the 'send reply' button or you can 'pm' me directly with an email. I can promise you that you will get a nice fly from me that catches bluegills like crazy. jim
  22. I am scheduled in Feb to give fly tying and fly fishing instruction to 4 Webelos scouts in the Bloomington Il area. They would probably appreciate getting any materials that would be useful for warm water flies. I have trouble explaining my fly fishing materials bills to my wife sometimes - I work with young adults quite a bit and materials are expensive - so any materials you could give them would help.
  23. My lab is almost bald but I have most of my flies done.
  24. Got the last batch today. They will be sent out Monday. Thanks guys.
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