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  1. My deepest sympathies to his family. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. I will treasure the emails we exchanged. Paul
  2. Long, Great to see you posting again, I always enjoy your flies. Great Job Paul
  3. Great fly Charlie. You should definately post more of your flies. You also know more stuff than most of us will ever know. Paul
  4. Very well done. I have not seen or heard of this fly before. Paul
  5. Great fly! I love the body and the beautiful flow to the wing and tail. Awesome. Paul
  6. We are so fortunate to have the freedoms we have because of the brave men and women who sacrifice all they have to protect us. We owe our soldiers a debt which we can only repay by giving them proper respect and prayers for a safe return to us. Thank you for reminding all of us about how fortunate we are! Paul
  7. Very nicely done. The addition of the extra horns gives this a very unique look. Keep up the good work. Paul
  8. I love looking at the totally original flies you create. They are exquisite! Keep posting those incredible works of art. Paul
  9. A truley touching story and reminder of why we are truely blessed to have such individuals protecting our freedom. Great work and great symbolism in your efforts. Paul
  10. Mike, The fly's color and design are absolutely beautiful. I always enjoy the way you tie and approach each fly. Whether it's a classic bass fly or a full dressed atlanic, you totally hit it out of the park! Great fly. Paul
  11. Leigh, Great fly, I love the colors and construction of the fly. The floss and body work are outstanding. Paul
  12. All I can say is INCREDIBLE! You certainly have some major skills. Keep up th awesome work. Paul
  13. Those fish should be so honored to eat those flies. They are beautiful! Paul
  14. Another great fly Derek. Keep 'em coming. Paul
  15. Incredible fly Alberto! This is one of my favorites. Very nicely proportioned and excellent placement of the jungle cock. Paul
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