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  1. I am a trout Tailrace fisherman. So my most two usded flies are Comparaduns and a nymph I tie called the Copperhead. A close third is a fly I tie called the Loop Wing Dunn- a dynamite little dry emerger.
  2. Is this one filled? Just saw it. Rod C
  3. Congratulations B.C.- Pretty neat stuff.
  4. The body should be at least one size smaller than the Front hackle. I bet that is your problem. At least one size... try even smaller than that just to see.
  5. Definetly trimming the bottom will work. Just wondering if you are using smaller hackle for the body than for the face of the fly?
  6. Dang nice fish... Yep- you were the lucky one
  7. RodC

    Saturday night chats

    I a min. When- what time?
  8. It sure helps to be a writer... To be good enouhg writer to get published by National Mags. is a biggy.... Exposure---
  9. I would love to do this. Not much of a writer- but hope I make time to do this..
  10. Another idea might be: Guide's Favorites. That could be interesting.... if you can get guides to do it..
  11. That Greg- kerusso flat caught some big fish. And had many others on. I had a ball watching him enjoy such an experience. I knew he would. Something good about you that day Greg, was you knew how to fight fish. And you are a fisherman. You know fish and that is so important. And the really neat thing was , you got a grasp of what you were in. It doesn't happen like that much. You were on a special river at special time of year. May Thursday and Friday be the same. Buzz me . There was a change in what Matt and client caught them on today.
  12. Fly Mater- Stu, that is you ? I fished it two days each week, the last couple of weeks. It has been sweet !! Again, that is only my take on the Dai- Rikis. A lot has to do with subjective stuff- and what you have confidence in. Hey guys , I got 4,000 or more Dai- Rikis. If you want them, let me know. Will cut a very good eal on them.
  13. A Dyna - King Barracuda and love it. Range is so large. It is a sweet tool.
  14. You got to debarb TMC's . I sell both and fish both. Of course, that is a steal. But here is my take. The Dai- Rikis are no the quality hook of the TMC. I don't think they keep they edge as long. And they are not aas strong in most model. For instance the TMC 200 R vs. the Dai- Riki 270 . The 270 will break in your vise a lot. 200 R is a tank. My real problem with them is not staying sharp as long. But as Greg Quals from this board says -He doesn't keep nymphs around long enough for that to come into play. Good point. But if happen to catch 10 or more fish on a hook, and the big one strikes and you lose him because of the dulled point...... But Gregg's statement got me to go back and use the Dai- Riki 135's for nymphs and all is well so far. But if you debarb the TMC's , the problem is solved . Heck, that is the main reason to debarb a hook- so the fly will last. The Daiichi is a sharper hook and definetly keeps it's edge longet than the Dai- Riki's but debarbing them is essential there also.
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