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  1. Check out Skalka Hooks, from the Czech republic. I like Kapek, but Skalkas are soo much better quality..
  2. KEVIN, Great looking Czech Nymphs you've been tying there... Been restocking my Boxes with them as well lately... Hot Pink versions have been Red Hot on the Kern River here in California lately.. You oughta check out the Skalka brand Czech Nymph hooks as well... they are Extremely sharp, just like the Knapek Brand....
  3. THOM, Oh YES, I am a Hard Core, Long time fan of the RESIDENTS (been into them since 1978- High School!!!)... Yeah, they certainly are Not for the Tony Bennet Crowd... :hyst: After this Morning's Carpin' Session.. I should finish up the 10 Razzlers and send them off to Justin next Week.. DEAN ~~~
  4. I Voted Clousers... but, like others, I use alot of different Patterns as the situation dictates... :headbang: DEAN ~~~
  5. Are you tired of those "Sissy" Friendship poems that always sound good, but never really come close to reality??? Well, Here is a Series of promises that actually speak of True Friendship. This is the Simple Stone Cold Truth of a Great Friendship.... 1.) When you are Sad... I will get you drunk and help plot against the Sorry Bastard who made You sad. 2.) When you are Blue.... I will try and dislodge what you're choking on. 3.) When You Smile... I will know You finally had Sex. 4.) When You get Scared.... I will rag on you about it every chance I get. 5.) When You are Worried... I will tell You Horrible Stories about how much worse it could be until You quit Whining. 6.) When You get Confused... I will use Little Words. 7.) When You are Sick... Stay the heck away from Me!!! I don't want to catch whatever you have. 8.) When You Fall... I will point and laugh my A$$ off. This is My Oath.. I pledge it to the End. "Why??" You ask, "Because You are My Friend" Send this to 10 of your Closet Friends, then get depressed because you only have 4. And Always remember: Friendship is like peeing in Your pants, Everyone can see it, But only You can feel the True Warmth
  6. Sorry about that GRAHAM The Doctor made me cut back on Coffee and that was the end result. :wallbash: Grant is a Good friend who's Life I have "Ruined" by getting him into Saltwater Flyfishing... I'll call up John at the Riverview and book Sunday Night thru Weds Morning... I think it's Still $70 Bucks for a double bed Room... If you can't make it, I'm certain I can get someone to pick up the Time... We'll see... The Flows and Weather oughta be Rockin' right about then... The Water Level will be abit lower then last year at that time, but not Lethally Low.... Sorry about the Name Mix Up, but calling you Grant isn't bad.. if I had called you "Ol 7 Flies" you'd have a Good reason to be pissed... DEAN ~~~
  7. That's Great JUSTIN!!!! Kudos and high fives on your first Legit hooked Corbina!!!!! (I've fouled more then I've legit hooked, but that goes with the territory) Now you'll spend your days fixated on getting that Next Corbina to eat your Fly... You're Toast... :yahoo: GRANT, Shall I book a Double Bed Room for us at the Riverview??? DEAN ~~~
  8. GRAHAM, Mark Dec. 2nd thru the 5th for the Kern, my annual Dec. trip is then. Kudos on the Cover shot, that's Great Photo, the Customers Love it. JUSTIN, Yeah, one can't always get 4 -5 days away to fish the Sierras, but one can certainly afford 4 to 5 hours on the Swing of a Tide... And, the ocean isn't effected by drought conditions....
  9. JUSTIN, I live in the Beautiful San Fernando Valley.... I occasionally make it down to Long Beach, but I'm usually out in my friends 21 foot Center consul targeting Bonito, Barracuda, Mackerel, Calico Bass, etc.. I've not fished the beaches down there yet... But Belmont Shores & Alamitos bay are inviting (I've seen them both from the Boat).. Probably oughta arrange a drive down there sometime soon, perhaps we can meet up.... I've been fishing the So Cal Surf since the late 80's.. so if I can assist, just ask... :headbang: DEAN ~~~
  10. JUSTIN, Kudos on the Halibut.. they are Great fighters in the Surf.. just make certain they don't bite you in the Finger when you're trying to remove the Hook..(It Flippin' Hurts when they sink those Peg teeth right thru your Fingernail..). If you'd like to optimize your chances for the Biggest halibut off the Beach.. just keep track of the Grunion Runs... As to CORBINA, they are never Easy.. you've missed the "Holy Time" for Corbina this Year.. which usually runs from Mid May thru Early August.. the Corbina are in shallow and are targeting the Sandcrab babies.. (we call them "Rice Krispies").. This Year found us getting More Corbina while they slid into the Skinny water to have ago at the Crab beds... we Learn abit more about them Every year.... but still Corbina are tougher to get to take the fly then Bonefish..... DEAN ~~~
  11. JUSTIN, I'll join up... Put me down for my RAZZLER.. Originally designed for the So Cal Surf, but it works great for Bonefish,redfish.... Even Steelhead (Which freaked me out when I got the Report about that...) Since I have to tye up some for a Surf Flyfishing Class I teach.. 12 more will be O.K.... DEAN ~~
  12. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Fly~Junkie: Fatal Attraction
  13. Yeah, Also add somemore Flash to the Wing and you Know the California Halibut will wolf it down as well... DEAN ~~~
  14. STEELIE, You Gots ta Get going with the Deerhair spinning routine... it Improves your overall fly tying greatly... As Peter Gabriel states in his song...."Don't give up, Don't give up, don't Give up"... :headbang: DEAN ~~~
  15. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Fly~Junkie: Iceabou Bonito
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