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  1. Hi Mickalo; I'm glad you found some helpful information in the video! Tying Comparaduns with consistency among how much hair balanced to hook size takes some practice. Thanks for your compliment and comment!
  2. Hi utyer; Thanks for your compliment on the video, I'm glad you liked it. I've always got a few Comparaduns in my fly boxes. They do the job well in certain situations. Thanks again!
  3. Hi everyone; I have been active on the Classic Fly Tying forum since 2006, and while I have personal, commercial, and custom fly tying experience, and three instructional DVD's (classic wet flies and streamers), I have seldom, if ever, made posts here on this part of the Fly Tying Forum. Also, I've never done any general trout fly videos. Until yesterday, when I filmed my tying sequence of a March Brown Comparadun and posted it on youtube. Here is the link: I also attached a photo of a March Brown Comparadun that I tied: The hook is a #10. Thanks for looking!
  4. Hi guys! Thank you all very much for your input! I just found out today, when I left this site on Thursday for the Classic Wet Fly side, I ended up being logged in here for three days. No big deal I guess. I do appreciate your feedback, thank you very much, everyone!
  5. Hello everyone! I've been a FTF member since 2006, and usually am on the classic wet flies & streamer side. I want to start a discussion going basically to get some survey results. I would be grateful if you can please give me your feedback: Extended Body Dry Fly patterns: Do you tie them, buy them, fish them, do you like them, yes / no, positive and negative aspects. Hard to tie, hard to hook fish, not durable, too delicate, etc. Your input is appreciated. I'll be away from my computer for several days, so please just post away, and I'll check on this topic next week. Thank you all! Don
  6. One other thing I forgot to mention in the initial post I made: The Wet Fly DVD features the introduction and full explanation of my proprietary, not-previously-published, simplified wing quill handling technique. Good for all quill wing and tail flies, but especially useful on married wings and tails. Some FTF members have learned this method in my classes, and others have seen me demonstrate it at shows. I had initially intended to present it in a magazine article, but the opportunity arose for me to do the DVD's and that is obviously the best medium to teach this technique. It is demonstrated on single wing, married tails, and the three and five section wings on the Ferguson, Belgrade and Silver Doctor. The close up photography on these is superb.
  7. I checked here, after I made a post on the newest topic by isonychia regarding my new DVD's. They are out, available from me at [email protected] Information is available through e-mail and on the other posting made July 31 by isonychia. Thanks so much for your interest guys! I really appreciate it very much! Don
  8. Hello everyone! I sent isonychia an e-mail yesterday telling him the news on my new DVD's. I was going to send promo copies but he went ahead and posted this info anyway. Thanks John, for the vote of confidence! They are $24.95 each. They were filmed in Hi-Def by Bennett-Watt Productions, Kelly & Jim Watt as part of a series of 23 new titles in their existing "Hooked on Fly Tying" videos. I should have them in stock around August 8. Signed copies of both titles may be ordered from me at: [email protected] Credit Card purchases may be made at http://www.FishUSA.com Note: The Gray Ghost photo on the Streamers DVD was compressed lengthwise to fit the cover, making it appear short and stubby. The picture is not an actual representation of the fly I tied. New_Wet_Fly_DVD.bmp New_Streamer_DVD.bmp
  9. Thanks for the kind words guys! I am actually going fishing in less than one hour, meeting my friend on the Loyalsock Creek in upper Lycoming County, PA, at Sandy Bottom. It is a Delayed Harvest Section. I hear the Hendricksons are on... Thanks again... Don
  10. To let everyone know some news on my reentry into the world of fly tying, (while I can not reveal all the details), I was recently invited by Chris Helm to participate in new filming of a whole series of fly tying DVD's. Chris was asked by a national company to line up tyers for a series of tying DVD's being filmed in hi-def. And I consider it a privilege to have been asked to participate. I am doing two DVD's. The first is (what else) a new DVD on tying classic wet flies. The highlighted feature will be the debut of my personally developed, "new and simplified" married wing technique, revealed at last, and better in video than in writing and still photos, IMHO. Other advanced and different methods will be included. This second wet fly DVD will have patterns different than my first DVD, Tying Classic Wet Flies, (November 2004), and will feature some techniques and material usages that were not included in my first DVD. The second filming, at Chris' urging, will be on streamers and bucktails. A large subject, impossible to cover completely even in a series of DVD's, so it will feature a few representative patterns. And while hesitant and somewhat intimidated by the daunting thought, I feel obligated to include the Steven's pattern recipe for the Gray Ghost. :dunno: For obvious reasons... I have no idea when these will be released or any other info at this time, but just wanted to throw this info out there to FTF members, that while my life suffered the interuption of my wife's prolonged illness and recent passing, there is a future for me. She would have wanted me to go on. I am getting excited about this and look forward to visiting FTF as my schedule permits. Thank you all for carrying the flag of the Classic Wet Fly! Don
  11. I would like to once again thank all the members who voiced their concerns, sent cards, expressed sympathies and condolences, or sent PM's to me during the difficult time of my wife's recent passing. My two daughters and I have gotten through the days of my birthday and Easter, and now with Mothers Day coming, they have told me how they are dreading the day. But it will be yet another hurdle for us and we have a very supportive family and circle of close friends. We will get over this one, each day one at a time. Life does go on, it will go on, and we will support and love each other above all to honor Lou Anne's memory. I have some news on fly tying that I am posting on another topic. Thanks again to all FTF members who have supported me in my loss. Don
  12. Troutbum asked for my address: Don Bastian 1740 St. Michaels Road Cogan Station PA 17728-8678 Thanks so very much to each of you. I only stopped here because someone sent me a forum PM. This situation explains why I have been absent from FTF these many months now. I truly appreciate all the kind words, and especially the poems. Sincere regards: Don
  13. I did cancel the class at The Evening Rise in Lititz, PA, yesterday afternoon. My wife is in a Hospice Unit and unless we get a Divine Miracle... I am spending all my time close to her... Thanks for all your prayers. Don
  14. John: That is dandy, dandy DANDY! And you never even sent me a e-mail pic!!! I assume looking at it, that you took the photo without the glass? To eliminate glare? And I guess that after you mount the glass, you'll be subjected to comments (like a few of my friends) have good-naturedly said, "It needs a sign and little hammer that says, 'In case of emergency break glass and go fishing.'" :hyst: :hyst: And you even mounted the flies left-handed, as illustrated in Trout. I confess as a right-handed tyer that my Bergman plate repros are all right-hand. And I have had a very few comments on that... Question? How long did it take you to tie all the flies? Just curious... I also like your selection of mat board color. Very closely matches the color of the paper Dr. Burke used for his original paintings. Excellent job! :yahoo: Don
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