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  1. Been tying a lot more lately. Wife left in August and I moved the fly tying shop into the living room. For those who haven't checked out FlyFishFood.com , please do. It is a great site and has brought my fly tying to the next level. I'm no expert but my techniques have gotten better, still need more work. Ice Wing Caddis pattern that I learned from Curtis at FlyFishFood MUST TIE MORE!!! Ditched the wife and now to spend what money she left me with on fly tying stuff.
  2. It's been a rough couple of days up here on Bear Island Lake in Ely, MN for my flyrod. I've primarily been using my bait caster to get smallmouth and pike. But I had the FlyGods shine down on me yesterday and caught a Smallie and ?shad? on my flyrod. Smallie was one a "musky" clouser size 6 I tied and the shad was one a yellow humpy size 14. My 13 year old cousin caught the 16lb 40" pike. He was over joyed.
  3. Made this for my dad for Christmas. Hobby lobby has the cheap wood boxes and I Stainded it. Cork for the base and put my flies in it. Added an extended bodies fly at the bottom. Really tied it together.
  4. I just got home from the Denver Orvis store and held a Tenkara rod for the first time. I would really like to get one now.
  5. For anyone who reads John Gierach, you know he holds a special place in his heart for the St. Vrain. Well, over the last year I have been fishing a little stream in the foothills of the Rockies and it is full of what I would call high mountain native Brookies. I have been listening to The Orvis podcast and they have given me lots of tips for fishing small streams. It's my St. Vrain and it's a joy to fish.
  6. Had a great time with some family outside of Buena Vista on the Chalk Creek. Did a lot of research and talked with lots of fly shops and people pre-trip. Caught a lot of trout ranging from brookies, browns, lake and rainbows. Hooked onto a monster brookie and had him so close then I leaned back into a tree and lost all tension in my rod. But still a great trip.
  7. I have my first ever fly rod and it is fiberglass. Eagle claw. And I want to put some love into her. What paint did you use? Sanding technique? Just hold in hand and run back and forth or did you use a lathe?
  8. went up to Chalk Creek south of Buena Vista, CO last weekend. Did a bunch of research before I went and caught a bunch of brook trout on a yellow humpy size 18. It was the hot ticket for the weekend. Three days of camping and fishing was amazing.
  9. Byron, it all started for me when I I was making knives. Grinding them out from flat plates of steel. Knives need sheaths so I bought a cheap square of leather and started. Then I realized I liked Lester more than metal. And dropped the knives and researched leather. I wish I had a picture of y first sheath. You'd laugh. But I started going to Tandy leather and literally just started off with a big slab of leather and bought a few tools. Do more research on the computer about what tools to use so you don't end up like me with a few that I never use. I thought they'd help but never use them. Once you got everything just start making. I don't like the kit quality at Tandy but it probably could help out a beginner. I just drew stuff up and started cutting, punching, and sewing. It is a relaxing addiction now. I started out small with wallets, book covers, phone cases. But now I have made two purses, a large round duffle bg for myself, and looking to go more advanced everyday.
  10. Thanks guys. For the next one, I would make a bigger pack that can hold two fly boxes on the front and more room inside. It would be for a longer trip or a river that I'd need a lot of stuff for.
  11. I like it because it leaves my right side completely open for casting but everything close in reach for when I need it.
  12. I put eyelets in te bottom to help drain any water that gets in it and I have made some other things out of leather that I wear on my person everyday to work (I am a union carpenter) and they get soaking wet with sweat everyday and they have held up nice. If it ever comes to it, I can remold something if need be. I will take it off if I am deep wading which with me doesn't happen that much. I stick to the shallows mainly. Thanks guys.
  13. I have been playing around with leather for just over a year now and have made some bags and purses for family members. Figured it was time I make something for myself. It's a double Austin shoulder 8-9oz. Hand sewn and I love it. Check out leatherandcanvas.com or .org. It's where I got the idea from.
  14. can't remember if i posted this one last month or not but I tied a few more. It is my attempt at the Shucked Emerger that I saw on a video, I believe off this site. The video did a great job of explaining the process. I hope I did the man justice.
  15. my wife is out of town so i have been able to sit and tie without being called for chores every 5 minutes. I have gotten a lot tied this month. I experimented with some dubbing and also tried out extended bodies. My first was way to thick as you all can see. Then it was trying some size 16 dries out. Hope you all like them.
  16. tried to copy a streamer I saw at Orvis. Then tried to apply the same techniques to the clouser which I love tying and fishing here in Missouri.
  17. Here is my DynaKing KingFisher that I modified to be a "flat rotary" vise. I like it because I roll hurl, and marabou and more on my flies alot and it helps to be able to just hold the feather and rotate the fly and wind it up. And I took a foot pad off the bottom of my guitar footswitch and it fit perfectly. Dropped a little magnet on the base to hold hooks and beads. Thanks.
  18. So I was at Orvis and I saw a streamer that looked very simple to tie and looked like it would be a good warm water pond streamer. So I tied it up and then took the same design and plugged it into a clouser minnow. Thoughts appreciated.
  19. I have a Dynaking Kingfisher that I modified to "sort-of" be a flat rotary. I took off the head, cut off the arm just before the bend, replaced head. It still gives the fly a bit of movement when rotated, obviously, but I really like it.
  20. Merry Christmas indeed, good looking bow
  21. I do like the blue but green would look awesome too. I do like the new layout/design
  22. very nice set up sir. Good looking wall hangers too....
  23. I tied a bunch and need to make some more for a friend. My favorite thing is figuring out which color combination to use....
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