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  1. I tell my Flytying students "if you tied one fly a day at the end of year you'd have 365 flies"
  2. I take them off the card and put them in a zip lock bag with a paper towel floder in half to soak up some of the oil I also throw some moth balls in. I keep all my material in zip lock bags or glass jars, I have collected from hunters over the years a lot of snow shoe rabbits feet, I keep them in a gallon glass jar (with moth balls) also my rabbit skins One thing I never do is put new aquired stuff with the old till I am sure it is bug free
  3. Thank you both for the welcome
  4. Just a short note to introduce myself to the group. I have been tying flies for about 45 years and teaching same for about 20 years. I have tied at many shows in the NY State area including the CFFC&M in Roscoe. I am retired but help a flyshop owner out every Sat afternoon (pays for my stuff) I teach his flytying school and give fly casting lessons for him. This looks like a pretty nice forum I think I will be very happy here. John Dwyer
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