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  1. CraigG


    Although not as polished from what I can tell, there is 'Superfly' and it's free... www.erobillard.com/SuperFly/
  2. Bridges, If you need someone to dispose of your hmh when you scratch that itch...... :hyst:
  3. One of your first flies ??!!?? Awesome job. :headbang: I am going away to hide in the corner and sulk now.... as mine aren't as hot as that... :baby: Oh well practise practise ...... Looking forwar to seeing more Bass....
  4. Here is a link to some vids for download (they are about 260meg each). This link has been listed here before by others but there are quite a few foam patterns shown. http://www.kwsu.org/Offers/OMNFlyTying.aspx
  5. Don't know if this has been mentioned but as a dubbing comb, I have pinched one of my soldering tools. It has a handy strong wire brush on one end that is great for dubbing etc after I cut it down a bit. You can pick these up at all sorts of electronics stores etc really cheap ($1 ??). Hard to explain what I am talking about so a picture tells a thousand words....
  6. As a newbie, I have started small but I can see this hobby addiction getting bigger fairly soon. Much to my wife's consternation I have invaded a corner of the living room. (little does she know that it is only the beginning... :devil: ) Here's my little spot so far....
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